Family Tree to HTML

IS there anyway to export the Ancestor Family Tree to HTML?

Welcome Les

There are two versions of web reports that you can create. Both work on your entire family tree or you can create filters to create an output for particular family branches.

The Narrated Web Site and DynamicWeb report

Both are accessed through Reports >> Web Pages

There has been a discussion here of some of the tweaks to the 5.2 version of the Narrated Web site (not yet released) but it should give you an idea of what is available.

Depending on the size of your family tree, you can create a small filter to use as you explore all of the various options and configuration settings available for the two sites to find what will best meet your needs.

You can also choose the “SVG document” output format when you run the Ancestor Tree report. You can then open the SVG file in your web browser.

I have checked and I do not have the option of “DynamicWeb Report” I have tried to load based on the instructions but it says there are now to download.

I tried the SVG and this works fine.


Sorry. The Dynamic web is an addon/plugin. You can install it through Preferences.

Installing Addons in Gramps

If you’ve already downloaded (but have not enabled) a plugin, use the Help => Plugin Manager to enable it. To be safe, restart Gramps.

If you’re sure you’ve have not set impossible filters for your data but nothing but a header shows up in the report, see the “web page reports have no content” discussion

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