Export to readonly Website including Family Tree / Charts with Person Picture

So I have worked on our family tree for some time now (BTW, thanks for creating Gramps!!!). I would now like to provide a readonly website for my relatives so that they can browse it.

So far the Dynamic Web Report extention together with its “Mainz” theme is the best option I could find.

However, the family tree aka “Charts” tab in Gramps with pictures of a person is definitely something I would like to have. Can this be done?

Also I would like to start of with focussing on one person (like “Home Person” in Gramps) when a user starts browsing the website.

I have also looked into the default Narrated Web but found it even less suitable (e.g. missing family tree) and I also read Web Solutions for Gramps - Gramps and Howto: Make a genealogy website with Gramps - Gramps plus GitHub - bartfeenstra/betty: Betty is a static site generator for Gramps and GEDCOM family trees 👵 or Modified Dynamic Web report - Dynamic Web B

All provide imho more or less very table- and text-driven information but lack interactive family trees / Charts and a nice way to embed persons’ pictures.

In can you also have web page for your relatives - what are your using? Recommendations?

The narrative web does have the family tree chart, however it is inside the person record. The user can use it to navigate from person to person.
Also, pictures show if they are from the Gallery as a profile picture. Additional show up under the Media heading.
You aren’t taken to a staring person, but you could create an opening page (see options) and direct the user to the starting person. However, I would think they would like to start by going to themselves.


Thanks, Dave. The family tree chart in the Ancestors section is pretty much at the bottom of an individual’s page. So I had not seen it.

Together with the beautiful Mainz theme the Narrated Web Site report has pretty much I need.

There’s proably just one nice-to-have I would also like to have but I’ve created Narrated Web Site report with world map of all events (like Geography tab in Gramps) in order to not derail this thread.

PS To new users it is pretty overwhelming to have two reports for mainly the same purpose with Narrated and Dynamic Web Site reports. Both pretty much serve the same purpose (static website export). Both are pretty much the same but have slightly other extra features (e.g. the profile pictures are not present in the Dynamic report). So as a user I had to evaluate and it’s mental load.

I wish both reports would diverge into one “Web Site” report.

The Dynamic Web Report is an addon. It is based on Narrated Web Site, a built-in Report.

They are designed and shared by different people working on a feature for their own needs… then kindly shared for others to use. Basically, Pierre Bélissent wanted a different look and navigation functionality than the original. And had the skills to fork and do the work himself… rather than cajole the originator in changing direction. So it doesn’t have recent features from the Narrated Web Site. Either they were implemented after he forked that plugin or the feature wasn’t of use to him.

But he also has a fork of the Example Reports generation project. So you can look at what each report generates and decide which you want to use.

Or you can to ‘hide’ some using the Plugin Manager Enhanced. Hiding the reports that do not suit your needs and simplifies the selection process.

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There is a map within the individual report called Family Map.
However, if you find it blank, there is a URL in the “report” file that needs to be updated. There is a thread on discourse someplace that gives the exact detail how to fix.

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Probably not possible, but would be cool if there was a Graph View sort of chart that you could have run as a website. (Display only ofc).

I mean, its possible to just export SVG and show that, but I mean little more than that.
I know it probably wont happen but nothing will stop me from wishing for it.

Thanks adding some perspective. Now understand better. After previously reading Web Solutions for Gramps - Gramps I had see impression that both reports are both are “at some level” (from gramps team, not 3rd party plugin)

I think the (addon) should be added to the Dynamic Web Report and also be noted that Narrated Web Site is the recommended (official and builtin) Web Site solution for Gramps (while other exist as well)…

But he also has a fork of the Example Reports generation project . So you can look at what each report generates and decide which you want to use.

This link is gold. Thank you.

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