Modified Dynamic Web report - Dynamic Web B

I have been using the Gramps Narrative Web report to generate my web site but have recently looked at the Dynamic Web report again.

I like its use of tabs and tables rather than the linear but longer flow of a narrative report page. Also, Dynamic Web has a search box. I looked at enhancing it, to better suit me and the people reading the tree, and made some changes.

I have a working version I am happy with. Named it Dynamic Web B, It could be useful to others in the Gramps community. I welcome feedback.

If you read the associated document, you will see what it can do. In short it has:

  • Tracking: One or more people in your tree can be tagged, and then the relationship of each person in the report is tracked back to these people, eg whether they are a great aunt, or cousin etc. This shows in the person header.

  • Why Me : someone is in your tree for a reason. The Why Me box explains why. It is filled from a note attached to that person. It shows in the person header.

  • Story : Every person can have a Story note attached to them, which shows in the person header.

  • Multiple Family clarity : I could not see when looking at the Ancestors and Descendants tabs how multiple families were relevant to a person. There is now a bit more data exposed to help with that.

  • Local labels : you can change any label on the report, just from the contents of a note. For example, I can change ‘Ancestors’ to ‘Parents and Siblings’. I think this works with other languages (I have briefly tested with French).

There are some other changes as well, described in the pdf document.

Gramps versions

I only have GrampsAIO64-5.1.3 and GrampsAIO64-5.1.4 on my PC, so I don’t know if it works in other versions.

Packaging advice

I need some advice here.

If it survives acceptance testing and whatever comes up, I assume I could make it a plugin, but I don’t yet know how to do that. I work in Windows 10. There are three files that I modified and there are many other files that dynamic web uses that I have not needed to touch.


For now, I have zipped my DynamicWebB plugin folder. On Windows you would unzip and drop it into your user plugins directory, somewhere like


You should see ‘Dynamic Web B’ as a new WebPages report option when you restart Gramps.

I created a github repository to share it - the repository has 2 items

  1. Dynamic Web report B.pdf (a user guide / explanation)

  2. (the report files)

Let me know it the links are accessible or not. And if it works or not.


I’ll try it for my next website update !

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