Statistics feature in Dynamic Web Report

Gramps 5.1.5

Is anyone aware of the statistics feature within the Dynamic Web Report or ever seen it work?

Working on the DWR frontend (javascript) to make certain enhancements to the website I found there is a set of statistics charts that can be produced with a wide choice of chart type (pie, donut, bar, line, scatter, bubble) and variables from individual and family data. It is not currently activated in the plug-in but with my limited knowledge of javascript I’ve managed to get it partially working. The main problem is the data structure it works on is different to the DWR data structure as well as some other inconsistencies. This makes me wonder whether the original developer initially had a different data structure or else just imported the code from another application and didn’t complete the task. I know he hasn’t worked on the plug-in for several years and had quite a wishlist for future enhancements.

Has anyone else worked on this or thinks it might be a useful extension? I haven’t fully investigated how this compares to Gramps’ statistics capabilities but the charts look quite impressive and have the advantage of being dynamic.

I did not know about the stats component of the DWR, and I am very disappointed that the extremely good work to set it up has fizzled out. Despite some shortcomings, it is the main report type I use to distribute Gramps data to family groups

I also like the Narrative Web Report, except that it has two fatal shortcomings from my point of view–(a) it forces obfuscated file names of every media object whether you like it or not, and (b) for large databases it is unworkably slow to generate a report.

I do not know of devs who have worked on the DWR for quite a long time (I think Paul C did make some adjustments several years ago to how its sorting operated), I for one would be extremely disappointed if the DWR was discontinued.

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There was an earlier thread offering a modified DynamicWeb

Thanks for the reminder. It seems I udated my github stuff, and the github link should be

The zip file is available there for download, plus the PDF that tells you how to use it.
The docs folder is the output from my small test database.

I have a few things that I wanted to change, as they are not so good, but did not get around to it.
And I want to add a few new things One of them will be a timeline showing the lifespans of a family. The charting uses Vegalite but I need to fix some things on it (I am not an expert). I will try to get this done in a week (or two…) and upload the new version there.
here is an example chart:

(edit) I should mention that I have not looked at the statistics stuff, which is the topic of this thread.


Maybe you can merge your work on the DynamicWeb into the Gramps addon.

I submitted a bug (0010241: Incorrect place name hierarchy in Dynamic Web report) way back on version 4.2.6.

It seems the original author is no longer active.

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I have now tried Dynamic Web B and really like what you have achieved. It appears to work as described on the tree I have tested. You have included several options that I had built into the javascript (I have no Python experience) including collapsing notes and the story and other features in the heading before the tabs.

I realise this discussion probably needs to go into its own topic but I have a couple of thoughts if you are going to do any further work. Some of the options that you have in the generation options could actually be handled dynamically via the configurations page, for example whether to display the old events tab, as I think that is something I would want to turn on and off.

Also I would like to have the option of having attributes showing in the ‘header’ section rather in their own tab.

Anyway, thanks for what you have done. I am still going to try to get the statistics option working fully. Also to get the OSM maps working you need make the changes described in the discussion on the maps.

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