Dynamic Web Report, updated

I have updated my modified version of the Dynamic Web report (called Dynamic Web B).

The major change is to the Events tab, which adds vital events for children, spouses etc into the person’s event list (a bit like an ancestry view of a person).

There is a demo version of it on github. Flopsy Bunny and other individuals can be seen at:

There is a PDF document that explains how to use it. The DynamicWebB files are in a zipped format, which can be downloaded and unzipped into the Gramps plugins folder. See github at

I use GrampsAIO64-5.1.3 on Windows, in English.


Hi John! That has some similarities to the project I’m working on. Check out GitHub - hgboldt/Tangled-Web: Tools to publish Gramps data on WordPress.

Cheers! Hans

Hi Hans, yes it seems we ran into the same needs when publishing our data.

I have been watching your articles, and it looks good . I use Wordpress to publish my DynamicWeb pages for my family. I may be able to jump into TangledWeb in the future.
And I have enjoyed reading your blog.

regards, John

edit: just to be clear, Wordpress manages some pages and user logins for me; for the Dynamic Web, it just exposes the index.html and the browser does the rest.

When is this available for download?



How about calling it Dynamic Web Timeline?

You can download the zip file.

  1. Go to https://github.com/gitjv/DynamicWeb_B_test/blob/main/DynamicWebB.zip

  2. Click on the download button

  3. Once you download it, extract the zip file into your Gramps plugins folder. I use windows, and my plugin folder is at C:\Users\Me\AppData\Roaming\gramps\gramps51\plugins

  4. You should then have DynamicWebB in the list of plugin folders:
    Plugin folders

  5. Restart Gramps. You should have a new web report:

  6. The pdf document explains how to use it. It is also on Github, at https://github.com/gitjv/DynamicWeb_B_test/blob/main/Dynamic%20Web%20B%20report.pdf
    You can download the pdf or read it there.

  7. There are new options in the report’s options tabs. Some won’t do anything until you create some Gramps notes. Example notes are at the end of the pdf document, and you can copy/paste their text from there.


Seems a good idea.


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