Update to Dynamic Web Report plugin

Before I install the updated Dynamic Web Report plugin I need to know what changes have been made as I’ve already made several changes to my version. I know several changes have been discussed but I assume this change does not include Dynamic Web B. Are the changes documented anywhere or can someone let me know what they are?


Gramps 5.1.5
Ubuntu 20.04

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Are you asking if there is a way to filter the list of GitHub PRs (Pull Requests) that apply to a particular repository subdirectory between 2 branches?

In this case, to the Dynamic Web addon source between Gramps51 branch DynamicWeb and maintenance/gramps51 branch DynamicWeb ? Or maybe the master branch?

That sounds like a very interesting question.

Are these changes of your own that have not been shared as PRs? Or are you been following patches suggested somewhere?

If you’ve done your own modifications, please share the love.

Although I have been following recommended patches I have also made changes that are specific to my own needs and I do not think they would be relevant or appreciated for the master version. Basically I’ve used it to build a website for my local history group including information on multiple families but also added additional pages.

My query was just that the plugin manager says an update is available which I think is the first in a long time so I was wondering what had changed. I wasn’t aware that there were 2 branches or that one could choose. Looking at the links you gave I think it might just be changes to the Dutch translation which is not relevant to me. I thought other patches previously raised might have been included.

The last change apart from translations was PR #528 (Dynamic web: Gender fill colour hex incomplete) on 10th May 2022.

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There are about 35 MantisBT Reports filtered to "dynamic web"

The item above is still marked as merely assigned:
0012513: Dynamic Web Report - Gender fill colour hex incomplete
A note after the PR528 was announced in MantisBT note thread says that a patch was left out. Did that invalidate the PR or was it updated and kept the same PR#?

Some are resolved, others merely acknowledged or assigned. But the date range makes a person wonder if they made it into releases? To be on the safe side, you might want to review those too.

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