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I have just started use Gramps on windows a month ago.

Anyway, i am not a computer software guy. This software is pretty good to use. I love the UI. But i don’t find any method to view the report through web site so i could share to other family members. I do find few link by 3rd party. Any easy way to do it? For those without knowledge of programming. Or it necessary to have someone with programming knowledge.

I also plan install it in NAS by using VM Ubuntu in future.


Under Reports >> Web Pages… >> Narrated Web Site

This will create all the files needed to make a website. I use it to send reports to cousins. I put the created website on a thumb drive. As i do not hide living individuals I ask the cousin to not post it to the web. There are options to hide the living in the output.

Start with a small part of your database to experiment with all the various options before making your final output.

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I plan on going to host mine at some point, but havent come to it yet, so I can only help this way:

If, you want to host the narrated web site reprot it on the web on a website hosting service, then the right search terms to search for is probably something like “Host HTML website/page on X” (X is the website hosting service of your choice) or similar. If you use that, you may have to buy a domain name, but after that it should just be to upload the folders and files somewhere on that service.

If you want to host it on your NAS, you should probably search for somehting similar, just with the X being Ubuntu VM or similar, but its probably harder to set up.

I’ve published some gramps reports on my website. You can see them from here to have an idea of what they look like: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

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I clicked on your given link. It lead me to a page Patrice Legoux. But i couldn’t able to read the content to understand the page. I can only read english.

Could you help explain what am looking at the page?

You can try these seven links:

As a follow-up to an earlier post by @Mihle , a wiki article has been added to collate a list of Web Solution options for Gramps.

It is only preliminary and needs lots of help. Suggestions & Edits are welcome.

(Addition of “See also” entries in other articles … that point at this new page … would also be welcome. But it might be less of a maintenance nightmare to create a new MediaWiki category instead.)

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