Delivering tree to third party, outside gramps

This is essentially the “how do I show the family my research” question, although I’m actually just helping a person I met on a (non genealogical) forum.

I’ve found newspaper reports, census, BMD events, built trees (with illegitimacy, adoption, and multiple marriages!)…

She certainly is not skilled enough to install and use Gramps.

What’s the best way(s) to package everything for ease of delivery to her and/or her ease of navigation and comprehension?


The Reports are the way to share research in various predigested forms. As with reports in any Database tool, the Gramps Reports remove the complexity of a learning a database interface and just plop down the conclusions in a familiar & (mostly) static form.

The Narrated Web Site Report is the most comprehensive option for sharing the Tree for self-directed exploration. Its output can be published/hosted as a website or shared on a USB memory stick.

Either way the output is distributed, the optional Home & Introduction pages are where you weave together your other reports, conclusions and lay out guided paths to explore the supporting data. And composing the content of these pages is ALL on you. Without the guidance presented on those ‘entry port’ pages, giving someone a Narrated Web Site is like dropping someone off at the public library and saying “its all there!”

Yet the wiki does not yet even hint at the utility of these featured pages. (There’s been too much else to document.)

As an analogous example, if our Reference Manual wiki was the output of the Narrated Website, the Home Page is our Domain front page and the Introduction is the information portal. Notice that both these example pages conduct the visitor to more options outside the Reference Manual. They aren’t just ‘an invitation to’ & ‘synopsis of’ the Reference Manual. In many ways, the design of these pages determine whether your reader will be ‘invited to explore’ or ‘overwhelmed by’ your shared research.

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Why not publishing your tree on a site, your own one or on a free access one ?

It’s easy to access to every one

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Yes, any web report can also be shared thru a USB memory stick, no needs to have its own site

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