Multiuser / public hosting?

Hey all,

I’m still doing research on open-source genealogy platforms / solutions, and I’m not sure if Gramps is the right one.

Ideally, I would like to set up a platform where I can create other users who can log in and add entries or correct mistakes. The non-admin user experience would have to be really intuitive (like Facebook), since the people who would be spending the most time adding or correcting content would be older people who have the time to do such things and the first-hand knowledge.

It looks like this is meant to be a single-user desktop solution. Are there plans to expand its scope?

If not, could you point me towards some better solutions? I work with Wordpress professionally, but I wanted to see if there were better solutions out there before building something in Wordpress with a bunch of plugins.

Thanks in advance!

You are correct. Gramps is a single-user desktop tool. For online sharing, it can generate a static website as a report. But it isn’t intended to address your other criteria.

As a single-user tool, there are no collaboration features. (Although there is a tool to merge in changes that someone made to a mirror copy of that database edited on another computer.)

As Gramps users, we’re not likely to have any more informed opinion on other programs than you would see in a “man in the street” comedy skit.


On Geneanet you can open accounts and share the same tree for free. Genealogy web sites, more generally, are probably a way to work in common on a same tree.

Paid software:

this looks like something for the wiki.

What part should be added to the Gramps wiki?

the information @StoltHD posted here.

Our wiki isn’t a Genealogy Software Review or catalog. There are plenty of those.

The wiki is support for Gramps. If any of those links had direct information about interfacing Gramps to those products, then THAT would be information that belongs in the wiki.


I agree, and actually I think some of those tools already are mentioned in the wiki somewhere, even though that page is outdated.

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