CLI to create the Narrated Web Site report

For publishing to my website I would like to write a small bash script that I can just execute to automate the necessary steps. That is, first do the Narrated Web Site report creation, then afterwards some rsync or ftp command to upload.

For the first part is there some kind of CLI (command line option) to create the Narrated Web Site report and quit afterwards?

I ran gramps --usage and it shows something like:

10. To generate a web site into an other locale (in german):
LANGUAGE=de_DE; LANG=de_DE.UTF-8 gramps -O 'Family Tree 1' -a report -p name=navwebpage,target=/../de

Not sure what would be the -p name for the Narrated Web Site and its options (just the ones I saved it with the last time would be fine though).

Hi @Jens
The wiki page you referenced lists reports and their names, and also shows how to query the options for a report in the section report actions. So for navwebpage, you can list all the options by running this command line similar to this:

.\gramps -O "Gramps sample family tree" -a report -p "name=navwebpage,show=all"

Not sure if there’s a away to extract the last used options, which are stored in the settings file gramps/report_options.xml

Hope this helps.

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