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Hi all
I have been unable to produce reports that show any content for some web page reports. The Narrated web site is OK. But other web reports show a page with no data, for example, the Ancestral Collapsible shows the name of the centre person, the four blocks for has children/no children and male/female, but nothing else. The Ancestral Fan Chart shows the name of the centre person and just a big white circle. I am using the example database.
I have tried a different browsers Chrome, Firefox and Opera, but the results are similar. I am using V5.1.2 on a Windows 10 PC. Is there a setting that I need to change for those reports?
regards, John

Me too! - Same configuration.

Are you using the New Libraries 5.1.2 Windows version? I am and have the same problem.

Looked the HTML that was generated. It has the title with the right person & the header black but no content. (Same with other persons in the Tree.)

I seem to remember it used to create a CSS file & that isn’t appearing either.

Yes I have the same result then I when and looked for the support page and worked out that it’s part of this 3rd party addon report called D3 Ancestral/Descendant Charts and at the bottom of the support page it mentions in the links work arounds that point out it has nothing to do with Gramps and is a result of a behavior change in the various internet browser!

If someone who has good web content software skills would like to volunteer, we could use some help in fixing this. I’m ok with simple web stuff, but reworking these addons to avoid the local file access restrictions that web browsers now have is beyond me. As noted in the bug report, we need to make all the content for the browser in a single file, or something…

The problem is the following and is a security issue:

If you really want to use it, in firefox, you can set privacy.file_unique_origin to false

You can’t run ajax from a file:// protocol, you’ll always end up with CORS errors.
You must use a web server.


I just have to wonder what the d3 charts are doing that DynamicWeb is not… Both appear at first glance to be loading .js files (and other data) from local filesystem. As I said, I don’t begin to understand this stuff.

Thanks for the answers. Following SNoiraud’s suggestion, I toggled the privacy.file_unique_origin setting to false in Firefox, and was able to see the content for Ancestral Collapsible, Ancestral Fanchart and Descendant Indented Tree. I have not tried any others.

To emyoulation: from the Gramps:about popup, the version I am running is GrampsAIO64-5.1.2-1

There is a possibly applicable discussion for another project on GitHub. The actual solution they applied is in the Merged discussion continued from the bottom. But the 1st link has more background info.

It might eliminate the need for a workaround?

I’m not sure how adding a web server helps. If it is part of Gramps, the report/site is only available if Gramps is running. If not, how do we make it cross-platform? Either way, not pretty…

The bug report mentioned above had a user comment that embedding the required .js file in a larger overall file might work. Unfortunately he never suggested exactly how to do this.

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When I looked at the HTML file (using Notepad++) that had been output, it lacked any reference to other files. Other than the name of the start person in a header chunk, all other genealogical info was missing & only some basic HTML was generated.

So I was working on the assumption that the failure occurred during the generation rather that viewing. Which would imply that some subroutine in the report was doing a newly-prohibited Server-Side-Include style operation to build the HTML file.

If that was the case, a local server emulation (enabled during the report writing) might allow the report to generate the rest of the dumbed-down HTML file. Thus eliminating the Browser dependent preference pain.

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