Gramps Web graphical Reports don´t export (moved to GitHub)

I don´t know wehre to report problems with Gramps Web so i am Doing it here. I found that no matter which device, browser and OS, the Following Report fail to Export a pdf file.

  • Descendant Tree
  • Family Descendant Tree
  • Statistics Charts
    • btw it has nineteen times the same setting
  • Statistics Chart

I have only tested these reports so far.
Is there any Info if these Bugs are known and will be worked on?

Best Regards

Gramps 5.2.2
Gramps Web API 2.3.1
Gramps Web Frontend 24.5.0
Gramps QL 0.3.0
locale: en
multi-tree: true
task queue: true

I am using Gramps Web via


please see here for guidance about where to report suspected bugs: Get Help - Gramps Web

You can also check existing bug reports.


Thanks for the quick answer. I accidentally overlooked that.

I added my Infos to the existing Bug, reported 6 months ago by cgolds2.