Reports within grampsweb

Are there no Reports enabled in grampsweb, or do I have to do something (like load add-ins, and if so, how?)

What’s the problem? All the ones the “Reports” page shows should work.

As a brilliant and very attractive lawyer I used to date would say – “Assuming facts not in evidence”

What reports?

How many people are in the database? Can you check the browser console for GET requests to the /api/reports endpoint?

What is the correct structure for the URL? If I try https://f.q.d.n/api/reports I get

Not Found

The requested URL was not found on the server. If you entered the URL manually please check your spelling and try again.

Sorry, trailing slash.

{“msg”:“Missing JWT in headers or query_string (Missing Authorization Header; Missing ‘jwt’ query paramater)”}

Go figure . Now the reports are showing up. I need a drink…

And since you asked…

Database Summary Report

Number of individuals: 18076
Males: 8968
Females: 8626
Individuals with unknown gender: 482
Incomplete names: 10
Individuals missing birth dates: 6148
Disconnected individuals: 70
Unique surnames: 4096
Individuals with media objects: 103

Family Information
Number of families: 6044

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