Report All data of a person - Missing notes on attributes


I have been using Gramps since 2012, initially on Windows 7 but since 2019 on Linux (v5.1.3).

I like working with Gramps very much! What I do not like are the report generation options. These give me too few options for custom output design. And without special knowledge of Python I have no possibility to change anything myself. The reporting should be more user friendly. As an example, take a look at the output options of a Gedcom file under Stammbaumdrucker or TCGR :wink:

But to come now to my special question …

The report All data of a person does not really show all data?

For the birth event, the attribute time is output, but the note entered for the attribute is missing.

Likewise with the event death. The attribute time is displayed in the report, but not the note created for it. Also not the note for the attribute Cause.

Notes on the event itself are output, as are the notes on the person.

What is the reason that the notes of these attributes do not appear in the report?

Greetings - Jan

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Welcome Jan!

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Writing reports with databases is always ugly. There are consulting companies whose only business is writing reports and other companies whose only product are WYSIWYG report builders. So adding simple report building into Gramps may be more than we can accomplish yet.

Even so… the Report All really should append Notes.

Can you give an example of the failures (missing Birth time Attribute Note & Cause attribute note) in a Report using a Person in the example.gramps sample tree?


Yes, I can. The data is in my Linux, Linux Mint Debian (LMDE4) in this path


Let’s take the birth event of I0044


Is it possible to trace it like this?

Greetings - Jan

Great. We can write a Feature Request from that easily.

Possibly, this report might have been written before Attributes had notes.

Hmmm… The PersonEverything Reports returns this (RTF file opened in MS Word)

But that note does not show up in the Complete Individual Report. (Neither inline nor in the Notes appended section.)


@emoulation: Jan speaks of the indiv_complete report. Not from the PersonEverythingReport.

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Fine if you can correct this now … then it was good to register here :wink:

By the way, the same problem exists in the upper area of the event input (information about the reference).

The notes and also the notes entered for an attribute are not output in the report.

Greetings - Jan