Discourse markdown tags (revised)

Perhaps we could share a few Common Mark markdown tags we can use to make our posts more readable.

program code : <code> program code </code>
inserted code : <ins> inserted code </ins>
deleted code : <del> deleted code </del>
marked text : <mark>marked text</mark>
This is a spoiler blur : This is a [spoiler]spoiler[/spoiler] blur
Keyboard keys Ctrl+k : <kbd>Ctrl</kbd>+<kbd>k</kbd>

[quote="username"] quoted text [/quote]

--- (horizontal rule, must be on its own line and preceding by an extra blank linefeed or it makes the line above into a header)


Discourse New User Guide

Discourse for Gramps: linkify phrases
common phrases that are automatically linked to reduce re-explanations (Like Gramps tutorial videos )

An Unofficial Discourse User Reference Guide

This is a “quick” how-to guide for using Discourse forum/community software. It contains a majority of the common features available to users/content editors, but may not have complete coverage of the featureset. If anyone sees anything to add or…

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