‘HTML code’ notes in a Narrated Web report

I have started using notes of the type ‘Html code’. I want to use them to display simple tables in place of hard to format text. An example is:

Family name Given names Reg number Father's Given Name(s) Mother's Given Name(s) District

Which looks like this in a Narrated Web report:

There are two notes above, each with a little heading. The first is an Event Note and the other is an HTML code note.

The heading is the type of note displayed. The heading Event note is fine for the average reader, but the heading Html code is not meaningful to anyone.

I wonder if the type name for Html code notes could be suppressed when generating the report. Alternatively, I wonder if the words ‘Html code’ could be replaced by some other text at the time of generating. For example, this is a note about an event, so replace it with Event Note when generating the heading.

This name is the note type.
title = self._(note.type.xml_str())

You are speaking about gramps 5.1. In gramps 5.2 there are some changes:

Changing that is always possible. What can I put instead of html code as this note is html code ?
You can always see the 5.2 results:

Perhaps if the Note type is ‘Html code’ then just the word ‘Note’ would be displayed.

When I said it was not meaningful, I meant it was not meaningful to the average person viewing the family tree, who would not know what ‘Html code’ meant. All the other names of note types make sense to the average person, it’s just this one, which has a special purpose (the purpose is to alter the rendering of the note contents).

I am looking forward to 5.2.

The best way would be to create a bug report of type feature request.

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Thanks for the report.
PR #1176

Hmmm. You might also want to file a feature request for the NoteCleanupTool asking that it skip ‘HTML code’ notes. Otherwise, it could mangle features targeted for Narrated Web reports.

Good idea. I will do that.

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