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Check the Reviews page on the Gramps wiki for a timeline that includes Video tutorials. (This forum message strips that overwhelmingly long list to tutorial videos only. Reviews are not included.) These videos have been published by talented users on both introductory and advanced topics.

A List of Gramps 5.1 Tutorial videos was posted to the r/Gramps Reddit discussion community. (That was the foundation of this posting. Although the generic genealogy videos have been excised.) Additional videos have been collated into that list as follows:

The videos were posted in Oct 2019 by TechTutorials on YouTube

2016 Gramps YouTube videos by
Photo Restorations by Tim G.:

Richard Suthern’s - video tutorials for Gramps 4.1.1 - aimed at new users. , Richard Suthern on Youtube, 2015-02-16




Workaround: xkcd.com

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Lists of vids have been expanded & consolidated (Aug 2020)