[Review]Featuring GRAMPS Features! Is It Really A Genealogy Program for All? By Edward Thompson

Youtube review of Gramps.


Fairly good overall, watching him shows potential places where Gramps could be improved.

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Watching the video the major thing I took away from it was how challenging it is for the new user to get started. I know we do not want too much hand holding, steering a user into one way of doing things, but maybe more can/should be done.


Something to note in all Ed’s baseline reviews is that his workflow is to use a horizontal Pedigree as the basic data entry organizer. We are more used to using the Relationship view to grow a Tree

So that puts Gramps behind from the start. The Pedigree chart shows a warning (lightbulb indicator in the status bar) if the Tree has no people and no active person. Our first person has to be created in the Person View. Then, set as the Active Person to avoid converting some of the other features into virtual landmines. And just to be safe, setting the Home Person eliminate other rough spots.

So first, it is not a Gramps feature to start trees from the Pedigree view, just expand an existing Tree into the next generation of Ancestors. Second, filling in the blanks on a Tree opens the Family Editor whereas Ed is used to seeing a Person editor instead. (So, even though this gives access to adding sibs or parents, it feels like an extra sidestep after double-clicking a specific blank Mother or Father box.)
You can GROW a Tree backwards in time (by adding direct ancestors & sibs via a spawned Edit Family dialog) from the Pedigree View but you cannot add a spouse or offspring to the Active Person. Nor can you add alternate (foster, step, adoptive) parents if parents have already been added.

@daleathan Nice this video completely makes me of his. Because through this videos we can learn about no one can hold any thing lifetime. :slightly_smiling_face:

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