Welcome & FAQ reincarnate

A recent thread highlighted that the Welcome to Gramps! and FAQ dashboard content have become very dated. (Of the 16 FAQs, 7 are linked to sub-sections that no longer exist on the Wikipages!) But that text is hard-coded so it isn’t easy to revise by a non-programmer. And that means they not tend to be localized either.

Perhaps these 2 Dashboard gramplets could be retired in favor of a expanded NotesGramplet based replacement with a ReadOnly mode? If it could be set to show specific content from a Gramps XML file (rather than the current Tree) with a couple Notes records, it would be something that could be Translated by WikiContributors as well as GUI Translators.

FAQ_DashboardDetached The current FAQ gramplet, detached from the Dashboard.

I copied this content to a Notes records and (laboriously) reset the links. The first line is the Title normally shown on the Dashboard gramplet & the link on that 1st line is to the Help page for the Gramplet.

Since I don’t know how the Gramps GUI designates the language, I indicated that the Note was ENGLISH in the ID. It seemed like this would allow a unique ID for each variation of the content to co-exist in the same master database or to be distributed with the translation. It seemed like the Gramplet might be made smart enough to give preference to the Note in the GUI language over the default English. And, perhaps, if the same ID existed in the Tree, that would be the preferred Note to be displayed… allowing users to override the generic Welcome & FAQ with content more germane to their audience.

FAQ content transcribed to a Gramps Note

I added the Notes Gramplet to the Person view category (since it needs an Active Person and Family and so isn’t a Dashboard compatible gramplet). Then detached it and used the ‘ignore all’ spellcheck option. (Have you noticed that the terms ‘Gramps’ and ‘Gramplet’ are not included in the embedded Dictionary?)

Notes_GrampletDetached Note content displayed in the current NotesGramplet

A similar concept based on the ToDo grampet could be adapted for distributing the Gramps application Release Notes and a newsletter style note introducing a Tree being distributed and pointing out changed people & research break-throughs. (This is related to the the ToDo somehow recognizing some sort of a ‘Done’ flag? Perhaps this is related to the ‘Edit’ Button that would allow a user to change the Type from ‘To Do’? That might also allow the user to replicating a System note to the local Tree as an Override. They could then annotate the note.)

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a Gramps XML file with 4 Note objects (this FAQ & 3 variant of the Welcome text) is attached to Gramps bug 11742

@GulliblePangolin pointed out that the outdated FAQ content might become more flexible if it were handled like the Headline News Gramplet which collated the content from 3 internet sources rather than having static content. He wonders if it could import the Table of Contents (autogenerated by MediaWiki) for the the wiki FAQ page

That’s an interesting line of thought. Anyone know how the Headline News content can be safely updated? I tried adding a couple bullet items to one of the sources it polls (added the 5.2 roadmap & this Discourse forum to the news wiki page) but those additions caused the Gramplet to fail.

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I just filed a similar feature request 11867 to be able to:

  1. set a default ToDo note
  2. switch to Dashboard view upon import
  3. add the ToDo gramplet to the Dashboard.
    as part of the .Gramps format.

This would allow an Introduction to the Tree to be included with each archive.

If you wrote a re-usable ‘Gramps Genealogy Trees for Beginners’ note for your relatives, you could hotlink that in your initial ToDo Note… which would probably be more like an interactive family newsletter about recent discoveries & additions to the Tree.

This would require moving the Add-on ToDo gramplet to the built-ins. (And improving the way it decides which note is on top.) Also changing the default Dashboard from the Top Surnames & Welcome! Gramplets to ToDo & Welcome!. If the Add-on Headline News actually started being updated, it might another good Introductory dashboard candidate.

What else would encourage people to explore?

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