View Notes in Note list without opening them

Why isnt the Note Gramplet available in the Notes part of Gramps?
If it was, I wouldnt have to open every single note to see what it had in it before deleting them or whatever.


Yes that’s strange. I created a pull request fixing that. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hopet it would work just changing out those two spesific files with the 5.1.3 release ones, but it didnt. Guess I would have to change other things too for it to work. Not as easy as I hoped, but this usually arent. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you tho!

Did you restart Gramps after swapping the Raw (rather than the DIFF) that Matt put on GitHub?

Re-registering changed Gramplets can be fussy since we cannot use the Plug-in Manager to do manual-patch change management.

What I did was just drop the two .py files downloaded to replace the old ones in the folder (using Windows, in the gramplet folder in plugins) and restarting gramps.

That or what might have happend is that becuase I run 5.1.3 and that is based on 5.2, there might be other changes to that file too that require some other file from 5.2 to not crash? I dont know. Might have to wait until 5.2 is out maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

The file has the Gramps version compatibility controls. If that registration says that the add-on is targeted for 5.2 Gramps and you’re running 5.1.3, then that add-on will never show up.

But there are some other idiosyncracies in registering a manual change. I’ve had to copy an add-on folder, use Plug-in Manager to remove the original, quit Gramps, re-copy the add-on back into the folder & restart Gramps to get 1 change to register.

It should work if you replce the two files and change line #28 to MODULE_VERSION="5.1".


Worked, Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:
Makes it so much easier going through notes to see what they are when you dont know :slightly_smiling_face:

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