Gramps unique concepts for newbies

This is followup thread asking for suggestions of concepts, features & interface in Gramps that typically surprise or elude newbies.

One objective has been to linkify some of the more unique phrases. So, by using that phrase in a posting here, a hotlink will automatically be inserted in your posting. The hotlink will go to an in-depth description and alleviate any need to repeatedly expound on the topic. (Topics include things like the Gramps User Directory and the Gramps addon list.)

While hotlinks are useful, too many hotlinks have a consequence: people ignore them as distractions and “rabbit holes”.

Any suggestions for a good wiki page or discourse forum topic URL to connect to the unique term would be welcome.

There was a constructive suggestion of “new user” as linkify target. But where would a hotlink point for such a broad term? It encompasses so many topics that a link wouldn’t offer a rabbit ‘hole’, it would be an entire warren. It would similar to pointing someone to the Gramps Glossary. That page is chock full of terms that a Gramps user needs to recognize. It has terse description of the functionality with links to the definitive section of the wiki for that feature. And some of the terms are marked as “core concepts” in order to prioritize the reader’s wanderings. The content is still overwhelming.

Another suggestion was for terms that were too common. And they would cause false links. (Like “preferences” or “configuration” could be used in posts about setting up your Discourse, MantisBT bug reporter, or OS settings. So the more deliberate term “Gramps preferences” had to be used.

Perhaps we need a page of less-likely-to-discover options? Things like the experimental add-ons that aren’t discoverable via the Plug-in Manager. Or external tools like Matt Kemmer’s Add-on list website.

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May be you could create, like in Wikipedia, disambiguation pages?

I really like this tool, it could be extended to all gramps functions not only plugins. It would be a good entry point and it’s linking function could be used as an entry to all usage explanations wiki pages (one function one page, like in Wikipedia again)

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Yep, I am in complete favor of creating a specific page for less-likey-to-discover options. It will be very helpful for beginners like me.