Automated Hotlinks

The Discourse forum has a tool to recognize key phrases. So when they are typed into a posting, it automatically links the phrase to a target URL. The following is a test of phrases used in some common instructions.

What other phrases and links should we add?

Readers could drown in a sea of blue links. If we link too many key phrases, readers will start ignoring them. Phrases should be uncommon enough that they feel like deliberate suggestions to be explored … but easy enough to remember and be used in natural conversation.

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beginner user
user interface UI GUI

Every addon/Gramplet name

The list is already a misery to maintain. Instead of syncing the data in 4 places (the wiki list, the anchored wiki pages, the files, the CSV list on GitHub), that would add a 5th. And there are too many language variants.

How about if we made it more generic & low maintenance? Like "look for Plugin Manager enhanced in the add-on list "?

That’s a pretty common term and might easily auto-link to the wrong program. (Like if the posting was talking about Preferences in Discourse, GitHub or MantisBT.)

How about a more deliberate phrase? Like “Gramps Preferences” or “Preferences tabs” (plural on “tabs”)

The Plugin Manager is problematic.

Your link was to the “enhanced” addon.

Wouldn’t the users who NEED the help available through the link be more likely to not even know how to install that add-on?

And linking to the original Plugin Manager document might cause frustration. Frankly, that page needs to be overhauled … or a supplemental tutorial page. It is nearly a programmer’s feature reference list with zero hand-holding.

None of the current options seem like a good choice. What do you think?

I’ll leave that decision to you (or the collective wisdom of the group).

I always install all addons. It was a long time later that I realized the enhanced version was not the standard builtin module, just upgraded. Once installed it just takes over with no further user action required.

I agree about that! When 1st reading about Add-ons, I also just bulk downloaded them. Never even saw the original Plugin Manager until a couple years later.

Hopefully, others will weigh in and we can have a healthy discussion (or even argument).

My big worry is that the auto-linking list will overload & break Discourse. So being conservative seems wise.

Maybe “Gramps wiki” as a link to the wiki?
(Or just wiki)


Put in Gramps wiki going to the Table of Contents on the index page. (That seems more controllable than the wiki single word. )

Is there a better place at which to point that phrase?

I was first thinking just the front page, but table of contents might be better.

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