How can i set various colors here?

the dark theme setting helped, but some text, too much text, is low contrast and hard to read. i think the size is good. how can i make everything more contrasty?

This posting seems to be a continuation or conversation elsewhere. With the ‘Dark theme’ I’m guessing you’re talking about the Discourse interface rather than Gramps? Here are a couple screenshots of high contrast themes in Gramps:

But if you’re talking Discourse, there’s a Discourse support forum thread on creating a custom theme

I think you speak about tags. The tags colors are set in:
Edit->Tags->Organize Tags
The tags colors are theme independant, so you may have difficulties to read some infos.

The more I look at his post, I become more convinced he was asking about the Discourse forum theme instead the Gramps implementation.

But the independence of Tagged list row foreground colors is a good point.

I hope that the Tag implementation changes in the future to be CSS based. With the current implementation becoming defining the background attribute for the row instead of the foreground. Background would be more consistent with the blocks of color for the Tag in the new combined view and a lot of the charts.

This would also give the future expansion option to visually ‘group’ the tags with different text styling (foreground color, bold, italic, strike through, font family … but probably not size).
It could be done by add layering CSS attributes as an option. But that means the implementation would have to support discarding an attribute as well as selecting it. So, if you decide a Tag should change from a red background color to boldface, you aren’t stuck with having the match the background color to default. It gets nulled out instead.

Excel’s conditional formatting is a magnificent implementation of layering styles. Is also demonstrates a versatile visual discrimination tool for tabular data.

So you might have Tags that are conditional instead of Reference links. (Like a Error Tag with a red background that I set to look for null GPS coordinates. If I go to the Places View, every Place that matches would be red… even with the LatLong columns hidden. And in Events view or the Person Editor, any Event with a Place with no coordinates would be red. Likewise, I could set the conditional to a bounding box that enclosed a country & look at the Place list filtered on that country. Any non-Red row would have an invalid GPS for that country.

yes, i am talking about the forum theme. i will be asking about Gramps if i cannot readily determine that. but for now, it is the forum, so that i can read here as i begin to explore Gramps.

this thread talks about files. where do these files go? are these files installed by the forum curator, administrator, or operator? or can a user somehow do this?

Yes. @Nick-Hall would have to add a downloaded theme to the Discourse installation. If you suggest one (particularly if the request describes accessibility special needs), I’m sure he’d consider adding it.

Because this thread is Discourse Feedback rather than Gramps Help, maybe it could be moved?

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