Dark Themes and color highlights

Kari’s FilterParams dialog is far superior to the Edit :arrow_right: Filter Editor … in most ways.

Maybe a developer could review the code and give some feedback? This could be a great enhancement if we could convince @kku to let it be rolled into the 5.2 version!

  • It allows access to the Filters in ALL categories (WITHOUT the churning of initializing a different View for each level of a multi-stage filter.)
  • Its “test run” is actually abort-capable for when users accidentally create an impossible filter. (The built-in test merely claims the operation is too important to abort.)
  • It allows quick synchronization when the target of a multi-stage filter is changed

It has a few deficiencies:

  • It lacks the +(Add), Edit & -(Delete) button functionalities
  • It can become lost in the layered stack of Gramps windows. So it is FAR too easy to have multiples of this dialog open.
  • The use of Colors for highlighting creates unreadable dialogs when using dark Themes


The problem with Dark Themes & colors affect several features: Tags, Chris Horn’s experimental Linked/Browse View, anything using the Colors tab in the Preferences.

Perhaps the colors in Preferences have a identification scheme that could be leveraged in a way that ensures contrast for the text of dialogs? So if programmer’s choose to use a highlighting color, the they could use a named color Swatch instead of hard-coding a color value. (Which spares them having to make aesthetic decisions. There would already be ‘preferred’ colors to choose from.)

Something that could be documented for Gramps Theme design? (And shouldn’t the default text foreground color be one of the Swatches shown in the Preferences Colors tab?)

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