"Filters" in category bar

in this thread I see screenshots with the category ‘Filters’.

Why don’t I see this category with me?


GRAMPS: AIO64-5.1.4-1, LANG: de_DE.UTF-8, BS: Windows

Because the person who created those screen captures is a developer who has lots of experimental code for his Gramps.

The capture is about those. It shows 2 GUI variants of Gramplet Freeze implementations. He hasn’t decided if the freeze is a worthwhile feature… it may never be added to the Gramps core if it doesn’t prove useful enough.

Although I now have to wonder what a Filter view would visualize. @SNoiraud has done a lot of filtered Geography (mapping) views. So it may be his testing grounds to see if the expected dataset is being gathered to be mapped.

It was a test. I wanted to create a new view on filtering. I gave up because it was too complicated.

Speaking of filters…

In the appropriate views, I have added an Icon that opens the list of user filters for that view to the tool bar. This icon is the same as the menu Edit >> …Filter Editor. If others are interested I can create the PR to see if it can be implemented.

This is different than the Edit Filter in the sidebar filters. That edit opens the selected filter in the options or opens a blank/new filter, not the list of all filters.

filter Icon

Note: the other icons are from another PR that had less than overwhelming need.


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