Request for 5.3

Sorry, I missed the roadmap v5.3 thread, so may I add two minor request and one suggestion - for what they are worth:

  1. The “Remember last view displayed” setting should do just that, with filters, tags and all. It doesn’t (on 5.2, running Win 11)
  2. The person view would benefit from an optional column “age”
    A suggestion: A split screen view where half is “People View” and the other half “relationship view”. Moving around in people view changes the relationship view.

Can you file bug reports where permanent items like tags are not preserved? That would be a problem regardless whether a last view is to be shown.

Persistence of Fitler gramplet parameters were occasionally causing purging of Custom Filters (particularly when moving between machines with different add-on installations) and endless loops.

If you want to save complex Filter Gramplet parameter sets for re-use, try the Filter+ addon gramplets from Isotammi. It can scrape the parameters into a new Custom Filter.

The Relationship category’s experimental CardView in bridges the data display in this manner. Including having an Age calculated and displayed for the various Events.

Bug report filed. Just to be clear, Gramps preserves (ie does not destroy any tags or filters), but it does not start again with those tags/filters previously selected. Thanks for the info on experimental CardView, will test it.

My own little bugbear, is the ability to use filters in other areas than the one you have currently selected.
Some filters like this do exist, but there are so many combinations that to write a filter for all of them would crowd out all the other filters, making the lists of filters unwieldy. Write one super filter which can be used in all areas (which use filters) and which provides access to all other the filters in all other areas. You could then throw away (or phase out) the existing conversion filters.

Have you tried the Isotammi Filter+ addon gramplet? It is a replacement for the built-in Filter gramplets. Filter+ scrapes the parameters of the gramplet’s filtering form into a Custom Filter that can be used elsewhere.

I still say that ONE filter would be better than thirty.
You keep pushing the Supertool as the answer to everything, but the one time I tried it I was unimpressed.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by this.

I read it as:

You do a lot of work to winnow down the records shown in a view… but then cannot easily limit to that same subset in an export, Report, Gramplet or Tool.

Sometime, you can Tag the rows in a View and create a Custom Filter for that Tag.

But there are Reports, Tools, Grampets, and exports that will not let you use that filter either.

Examples: the Surname Cloud and Related Relatives would be much more useful if they assessed only a subset of the People records

I think you are right,
In the person view I can select a filter …
‘Persons with events matching the events filter’
But I cannot select for example …
‘Citations with People matching the people filter’
Creating a filter for each possible cross linking would add up to a lot of individual filters.
A super filter which could recognise the current view ask for the view required, display the filters available in the requested view and perform the required conversion, would keep the filter menus as short as possible.
It is a bit like talking to a lawyer, we talk the same language but the words mean different things to each of us. I hope this explains my thinking clearly.

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One variation of a superfilter has been requested for extension into each Category. But rather than looking for objects where a Custom Filter of objects are secondary (or tertiary) objects, it is one that just searches all the directly entered data for that category’s object: