Add/remove Tag Utility

5.1.6 win10
I thought this strange so passing it on for consideration.
I wanted to print a list of persons so I could output it into a spreadsheet for sorting. The Tag report has the format I need. So I needed to add Tags to the persons I wanted to include in the report.
I added a new custom filter to select the people.
I added a new tag for this special print.

I went to the add/removal tool and selected the tag to be added, but when I went to the filter option, the filter was not there.

I thought that there might be a limit to the number displayed, so modified one of the existing filters that was in the list. However, it did not product the results that I wanted. I tried many different things with no results. (It seems to that it had itā€™s own copy)

In a last ditch effort, I closed and opened GRAMPS and suddenly the filter showed up and all works.
Seems this utility only updates when gramps is opened. This is not what a user expects and it makes it very difficult to use.

When developing the FilterParams addon tool, @kku noted some difficulties recognizing when Filters have been changed and the lists need to be refreshed. And I think @cdhorn had similar issues in his Card Views. Unless a feature uses modal dialogs, a smart refresh is sometimes needed.

@Nick-Hall Is this something that is a candidate for a change signal? One visible with the db.changed core method? (Probably not, since the Custom Filters are stored in a custom_filters.xml external XML file rather than the database. If some of the features will depend on external .json files in the future, that might add other things where developers would have to check timestamps for any smarter refresh capabilities.)

We already have the ā€˜filters-changedā€™ and ā€˜filter-name-changedā€™ signals in the DisplayState class.
This is probably just a bug in the tool.

An alternative solution would be to apply the filter in the Person List view, select all the results with <Ctrl>+A and then use the ā€œTagā€ button to tag them.

Nice! But something that I obviously need to add to that list of methods on Gramplet design wiki doc.

I vaguely recall an issue report that that found that ( tool was not updating as expected. Maybe it was caching since it didnā€™t update in the same session?

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@Mattkmmr Do you want a MantisBT bug report on the tool? Or is this thread sufficient?

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Learned something else. Thanks.

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