Autotagging Filter Results

It would be be useful to have a “Tag filtered results” feature to complement the Filter Test in the Filter Editor. Such an option could bypass the interaction requiring a View refresh every time a Tag is added to each object of filter results.

The Add/Remove Tag addon does most of this first stage. But it involves a number of steps to get there… including the creation of a target tag before running the tool.

And the flipside of efficiently creating the Tag is efficiently utilizing the Tag. The Filter Gramplet is still painfully slow on a single-criteria filter in direct comparison to the Search Bar.

Like the Tag on import feature, this autotagger could add a new Tag where the Tag name includes a time/date stamp for uniqueness. (Including the Filter name would be good too.)

Unlike the Import tagging, it would be nice if there was an assumption that the next logical step will be to USE the new tag. Row color coding would be more immediately useful if the new tag was added at the TOP of the Tag list and defaulted to a color swatch selection instead of black.

After tagging is done, perhaps there could be an option to switch to the View (in the category of the results of the final stage of the rule) with the Search Bar set to look for the new Tag? This saves closing the Filter Editor, switching views, turning off the sidebar, changing the menu on the Search Bar to look for a tag, entering the tag name, running Search/Find.


When running a multi-stage (or multiple criteria) filter to identify objects needing cleanup or Harmonization due to a data flaw, it is generally more efficient to temporarily Tag the results of the filter & then do a simple filter on just that Tag. This reduces it to doing a single pass. (And if one of the elements being harmonized is also a search criteria, the static selection of Tagged rows keeps the View contents from changing too much.)

As an example, after seeing Ed Thompson’s excitement about the PlaceCleanup addon, I decided to use the tool to Harmonize the Countries and also the US States in my Place hierarchy. So I filtered the tree to States within the US. But, every time a Place was harmonized, the Filter re-ran and the View refreshed. So, since the task was paying a filter penalty anyway, I added a ‘P0’ to the ID which eliminated the Places already harmonized with a new ID that began with ‘GEO’.

The continual re-run of filter & refresh was unbearably slow.

So I thought that I might Tag the objects & use the simple Search instead. (That Search is FAR faster than the Filter Gramplet searching for a single term.)

Unfortunately, the Filter and Tagging interact in such a way that Gramps data churns excessively for each tag of an extended selection of objects. It refreshes the View after each object is tagged… which re-ran the filter.

The latency is intrusive enough that it is worth disabling the filter while configuring a View. (If you want to change sort columns & change the sort order, it it faster to clear the filters before doing that & restore the Filter settings afterwards. Switching sort columns & sort order is fast on unfiltered data, but the Views insist on re-filtering the dataset each time the column setting are changed… even though the dataset hasn’t changed, only the sort has.)