View addons - just modes? Or can they add new categories?

Can the View addon system create new View categories? Or are such addons restricted to new View Modes within existing categories?

Unfortunately the View categories is coded in the core Gramps, so addons cannot add new categories.

thank you. Good to know.

I will try to slowly evolve the wiki annotations to reflect that.

There is similar careless use of the terms “Rules” and “Filters”/“Custom Filters” in the wiki. The terms lose their distinction when used for the opposite term.

How about the Categories which do not have a a toolbar icon for the default mode? (Possibly because they currently only have 1 mode.) Can “view mode” addons be created for those categories and the default mode will automatically be added to the toolbar?

Dashboard, Families, Events, Citations, Repositories, Notes

Media only has one mode but its default mode IS represented in the toolbar.

If an addon View is placed under one of the singleton view categories, the icons will be added to the toolbars. Try modifying changing the Relationships category to Notes.

In the Media view, the media icon is not a Gramps view, but opens the attached media record in the OS default view program.

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I’ll have to try that to see what that Media toolbar icon is actually doing. (As mentioned a few times, it is a view I do not use. My tree has transcriptions instead – with less than a dozen media objects.)

And I want to try replicating the Dashboard. And see if a duplicate mode with a unique ID Is a way to make separate Gramplet collections it would be nice to quickly switch between a Data status dashboard & a diagnostic set.

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