Query Addon not visible from

Gramps 5.1.6 & Windows 11

So far as I can tell I have correctly followed the instructions for installing an addon - in the case the “Query” addon. I downloaded the tgz, unzipped it & put the resulting directory into the plugins folder under Gramps51 in the /username/…/Roaming directory.

But neither restarting Gramps, nor restarting the machine causes Query to be visible as an add-on from within Gramps.

I actually have 2 version installed, 513 & 516; I assume the plugins folder is shared, but in neither instance can I see the addon from the Dashboard screen by right-clicking the mouse & seclecting the AddGramplet drop-down.

Any suggestions? I could easily have missed something…

When looking at the registration file for the Query addons, some irregularities stand out.

Most importantly, the “include_in_listing” for both is set to “False”

Beyond that, the status on the Gramplet is “UNSTABLE”. And the Query QuickView is in the “CATEGORY_QR_MISC” category

I saw it was unstable, but I thought I’d play around with it briefly, using SELECT only. It looks like a perfect tool for me if it more-or-less works, just to identify anomalies (say, “select all people with no death date”)

You say “both”, but I only found one.

I guess I can edit the registration file & see what happens?

The implications of the “CATEGORY_QR_ MISC” is lost on me at the moment, but I can do some reading. Thanks for prompt reply

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Just looked at the gpr.py file. OK, I see what you mean by “both”. Changed the value to True, no difference that I can see.

Read up on Addons - assume the category “QR-MISC” is just not valid, couldn’t see it anywhere.

But maybe not tested under Python 3 is the clue? IS there a Gramps startup log?

Did you delete the __pycache__ subfolder after making the source code change?

No, not at all!

That’s a useful tip for young players :slight_smile:

But alas, makes no difference…

The implications are lost on me too. I have not yet discovered where this category makes that QuickView available in Context Menus.

Maybe @Nick-Hall can tell us?

And I have not seen other QuickViews that have parameter passing. Yet a Query tool that does not pass through a specific query & its parameters seems useless. So a Querying as a ‘QuickView’ seems to be fundamentally incompatible. While he hasnt been active for awhile, Doug Blank was pretty deep into Gramps development. So I’m certain he knows more than me.

Have you tried the Isotammi SuperTool addon? There are others tools that are that are more complete.

Tried it and it works for me the changes I made are changing status on line 11 from status = UNSTABLE to status = STABLE and then as per usage section on the Query Gramplet page installed it on the Dashboard and each of the other categoris. Haven’t used it yet! Note that on the dashboard in the right click menu the gramplet is called “Query Gramplet” and in the other categoris it is called one word “Query”.

PS: tried to add screenshots but keeps giving errors am I forbiden to do that?

CATEGORY_QR_MISC is special keyward that means gramplet can be used in any of the categoris see listed here instead of listing individually.

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OK, well, I have changed it to STABLE & that has done the trick. I will report back on success.

But honestly, in the meantime, I worked out how to run queries on the database with sqlite3, so that may be enough

Run a query with no visible sign of error, but the Quickview window with the data/result is not opening.

oh…and thanks for chipping in!

There are some caveats about using external database tools with Gramps.
See this thread where someone was trying to use database tools on exported compressed XML data. After redirecting them to the database files, the discussion wanders to caveats & direct access alternatives.

Thanks for the tip, I did wonder about that.

I’ll keep working through the Query issues as well, it’s very educational. I found the log & I can see a couple of error messages which explain why the Quickview isn’t working. I’ll document them when I get home.

Anyway, it’s improving my Python & my understanding of the architecture of Gramps, so it’s all good fun.

Is it etiquette to contact the addon owner in such cases?

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I have done so for other gramplets… and had generally good response. Some had moved on to other tasks but gave their blessing to update. Other accepted suggestions or patches and committed updates.

OK, I’ve done some mickey-mouse debugging; my feeling is that the Query plugin will need substantial work to make it viable for - I presume - Gramps 5.1, let alone Python 3. It seems that many of the data structures don’t actually exist in the current documentation; I guess if I can find the old 3.4 object model documentation I can confirm that.

Anyway, I suspect a big job. The notional owner of the addon as documented in the registration is not contactable via the supplied email address, nor does anyone with a similar name currently work at the named institution.

Try the contact details on Doug’s GutHub account:

That’s what I had hoped it meant. But it doesn’t seem to work.

There are 3 Quick Views registered as this kind of Miscellany in the built-in plug-ins. None of those appear in the context menus.

Nor have they been included in the wiki docs. Probably because no one was aware that they existed.

Each of the examples would need a parameter that wasn’t implicit by a selection in all views. (AgeOnDate, AttributeMatch, FilterByName) So how would it gather that parameter?

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