Complete List of Addons?

Greetings! I’ve been using Gramps for the past 9 years, however I just joined this group. I know there must be an easy way to do this, but for the life of me I can’t find it in Gramps. Every week, I get notification of new and updated addons. But how do I view the complete list of addons?

Using 5.1.3 on openSUSE Leap 15.2.

Cheers! Hans

There is a list in the wiki

This is a pretty extensive list of the approved addons. However one set of addons missing are the Filter addons.

In Gramps, you can go to the menu Help >> Plugin Manager

You will either open the installed Plugin Manager or the Enhanced Plugin Manager which is itself an addon.

Both will provide a list of all plugins. Some of the plugins come with the Gramps installation and listed as “Builtin” in the enhanced version. The extra addons will be listed as “Installed” or downloaded to your computers as “Available” but not installed (which usually means there was an issue with the addon)…

Addons in the installed Plugin Manager are not separated between Builtin versus Installed. But you can see which by selecting the Info button to check where the addon is located; either in the Gramps install files or in your user plugin directory.

And of course, you can go to that plugin directory to see what is installed.

The wiki should be considered as a secondary source for a comprehensive list of 3rd party add-ons for the 5.1 version of Gramps.

Look at the GitHub CSV addons-en.txt list is a continually updated list. It is used by the Plug-in manager(s).

And the Isotammi project has created their own add-ons and that list is good to review too.

There isn’t a similar compilation list for the built-ins. (You can slog through finding them by looking at the gramps registration files.)

I think this is where I have a problem. The Wiki page on the Plugin Manager says the following:

  1. remote plugins are loaded at the same time as they are registered by using Install Addons in the General tab of Edit > Preferences… .

So I go to the General tab of Edit->Preferences, and I do not see any “Install Addons”.

Okay, so now after digging through the Wiki page “5.1 Addons”, I found the answer. The recommended setting for the “Do not ask about previously notified addons” is unchecked, and for some reason it was checked. Grrrr! This is non-obvious. I’m not sure what the default setting is for that checkbox after installation, but I sure hope it is unchecked.

To improve usablity, I suggest removing that checkbox, and renaming “Check for updated addons now” to “Install Addons”.

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The ‘check for new and updates’ is probably more akin to the Android OS’s ‘See updates’ feature. You want to see what’s there, then decide whether to update.

Naturally, they no longer include ‘New’ with the updates because their App Store inventory has outgrown that as an option.

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