Converting from Built In to Addon/Gramplet so they can be Uninstalled

Was just wondering about a number of Views that are in the SideBar which I never use which in Addon Manager I have set to hide but they still appear because they are built in
namely Fan Chart, Descendant Fan, 2-Way Fan there are numerous other examples of Built In functions which really probably should in a category where they can installed or uninstalled as required. This is Simply to reduce the list in the menu’s which are in some cases ridiculously long and save on screen real estate. Dashboard is another I looked once to see what it was and never since.
Not saying others do not make use of these features the gramplet system is ideal for configuration of just the items you use.

The Plugin Manager enhanced allows built-ins to be disabled too. They don’t have to be converted.

These are views and a little harder to hide.

Hidden plugins are listed in your user gramps.ini under [plugin] hiddenplugins

You add the view’s ID name which is the name of its file (no .py) and the files are found in the program folder gramps\plugins\view\.

Another option is to just edit gramps\plugins\view\ commenting out the view’s registration.

Editing would need to be done any time you install a new version.

No. The OP meant the Gramplets (now linked in the quotation) for those Fan charts, not the Charts category view modes.

There is no need to mess with the code. Disabling built-n plug-ins can be done with Hide button in the Plugin Manager Enhanced addon.

@comeng 's post is a mixed bag because he also mentions the Dashboard which is definitely a view.

Ah. I can see that. The Dashboard mention would have been better as a separate paragraph. It seems to be just an expression of frustration and disregarded it as not being part of the issue.

I can see why people might not utilize the Dashboard. It would be more tempting if users could have multiple sheets of Gramplets that could be switched between. As it stands, there is too much fussing around with adding Gramplets and arranging them as you switch from one workflow to another.

@comeng Phil,
You might not realize that those Fan Charts are more than just decorative. They offer a simple interface to exploring and editing the extended family of the active person without changing focus. (And you can navigate just as easily.)

For instance, here is the 2-Way Fan context menu for the maternal Grandfather and a “Copy” pasted of his basic info:

George Шестаков
* about Sep 1784    Bogalusa, Washington, LA...
+ 9 Mar 1864    Orlando, Orange, FL, USA

Apologies for my email tone, was a bad day some items of my computer kit bit the dust and I had set myself the task of preparing for 5.2 by looking at what I was currently doing in terms of functions and screen real estate used so that I could start with the minimum of plugins/addons.

I am using the Enhanced Plugin Manager at least that is what it says at the top of the Window.

Gramps View 2-Way Fan and Fan Chart will not allow the Hide function to work the button is greyed out.

My normal and most extensively used View to access information is via Graph View (mainly because of the visual presentation and the search function). I have looked and tried other views but keep returning to Graph View.

I used to use The Relationship Combined View quite a bit but I have settled on Card View (still many options to explore) Combined View will allow both Hide and Uninstall to function as I would expect.

Lastly on this theme very minor point Under Help why does Tip of the Day appear when you select whether to use it or not in Preferences.


No need for apologies … as far as I’m concerned. The frustration hits us all sometimes.

Thes inconsistency in the Hide button dimming is odd. It is active on my machine.

Perhaps @prculley can explain the logic? Not hiding built-ins view modes seems like a reasonable precaution. I doubt Gramps has error handling for the highly unlikely scenario that standard view modes are “missing in action”.

Hiding built-in certain gramplets and Navigator sidebar features simplifies my Gramps too.

I keep all of my loaded gramplets minimized ( - icon) on the Dashboard. This helps load the view faster with my large database. Then I can just maximize/open ( + icon) just the gramplet I need.

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