Addon uninstallation

Gramps 5.1.5
Ubuntu 22.10

I have installed a wrong Addon by mistake.
How do I uninstall Addons?

Addons are stored in your Gramps user folders. With Gramps not running…

Go to your Gramps user directory found here.

There will be the version folder then the plugin folder. gramps51\plugins. Delete the folder of the unwanted addon.

An alternative is from the menu launch the Plugin Manager. (menu >> Help >> Plugin Manager)

There are actually two versions of the tool. The Original Paugin Manager and an Enhanced version.

The Enhanced version allows you to Uninstall a plugin. Both versions will allow you to Hide them. Hiding an addon will prevent Gramps from loading and using the addon.

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Thanks for your answer.
As always my problems are solved by professional users in this forum … I am impressed by your knowledge

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