Unable to Uninstall addons

I wanted to uninstall a large number of addons prior to testing updates.

However, if there are updates, there is no way to remove that addon via the GUI. I had to clean via using the OS to remove the subfolder from the gramps/gramps52/plugins folder.

Addons can only be Hidden via the Plugin Manager. There is no facility for removing addon causing Registration problems in it or the Addon Manager.

There is an option to uninstall with the Plugin Manager Enhanced addon library, but the only workflow is to 1st update, then uninstall.

Note that if a user is troubleshooting a corrupted preferences file for an addon, uninstalling, downloading the current version and re-installing will not resolve the problem. The user must manually locate and delete the .ini file. Since there is no guidance for the location of the .ini files for addons, it might be located in the gramps/gramps52 folder, the gramps/gramps52/plugins folder, or within the addon’s subfolder within the gramps/gramps52/plugins folder.