Removing plugins

Hi, I was wondering if it is an idea to add a button in plugin manager for removing a plugin.
Now, after installing one, we’re able to hide/unhide them. But when you want to remove them completely, you’ve to remove the plugin in the plugin directory. Which is not a very elegant solution.
What do you think?

The built-in Plugin Manager only has Info and Hide/Unhide buttons.

But there is an Uninstall button in the Plugin Manager Enhanced addon. (The screen capture below has an Install button that appears when the selected line has an “*Available” Status. The button changes to Uninstall button when the selected line has an “*Installed” Status.)

It only removes Addons. Built-Ins can only be hidden because the Application area is in drive locations that require Admin access to change. And we didn’t want Gramps to look like malware by having any feature that requests Admin rights and then modifies sensitive areas.

Don’t ask why the enhanced version hasn’t replaced the built-in. To quote Rockhound from the 1998 epic disaster film Armageddon: “It’s a god damn Greek tragedy!

Thanks for the detailed reply! I’ve installed the enhanced version which indeed has more, and in my opinion essential, options. There is something to be said for keeping a program as simple as possible, but never at the expense of user safety. And when you are not aware of the existence of this extra plugin you run the risk of trying to remove a plugin in the wrong way. With all the unpleasant consequences. Let’s just hope that the developers will soon make this extra plugin standard. :slight_smile:


And integrate the ZIPinstall functionality of that Isotammi add-on. Being able to browse (or paste a URL) to a .zip, .7z, .tgz compressed add-on would simplify adding beta add-ons. Or any “Target” in the wiki’s Add-on List or Matt Kemmer’s Add-on website, for that matter.

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