How to refresh dashboard gramplets?

Is there a way to refresh the content in a dashboard gramplet (only on demand, not continuously!), other than by removing and re-adding the gramplet, or restarting Gramps?

It’s not necessary for most dashboard gramplets, but would be useful for some:

  • This Day In Family History (Also, it would be nice if I could enter just any given month and day, without a year, in the sidebar filter of the Events category view.)

  • Latest Changes (I realize I can also go into Edit - Undo History but that doesn’t contain links to the changed people.)

  • Others that are less important to me (Statistics, Records, the various name Clouds)

@SNoiraud has created 2 variations of a Freeze for Gramplet refresh. They need use testing and feedback. These give manual refreshing options.

0010850: Freeze contextual updating to Gramplet content?

  • I think we may have another solution available by gramplet.
    For each tab in the notebook, we already have an optional close button. We could add a new button called for example freeze/unfreeze to avoid the automatic refresh.

It sounds like those changes would affect gramplets that are already refreshing; but would they affect the dashboard gramplets that currently don’t refresh?

An excellent question.

You’ll have to try them and let us know.

You could disable the gramplet catching database update signals like here, add a refresh button and use the button click callback to update the gramplet.

Are you saying that the dashboard gramplets should already be refreshing automatically? My problem is the opposite; they are not refreshing, and I would like them to (preferably on demand, but automatically would be ok if it is not too inefficient).

Can you tell us which Dashboard Gramplets have NOT been refreshing for you?

I’m trying a few things with old built-ins adapted to add-ons. I’ve only noticed one not refocusing after an Active Person change. And that was only when the Active Person change was done via a particular method.

“This Day in Family History” was the one that led me to start this thread.

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Also, is it possible to resize a dashboard gramplet? For example, if the Date Calculator were just a little taller, it wouldn’t require a scrollbar to get to the result section.

In the Dashboard configure, each active Gramplet will have a tab where you can set it to use maximum height or set a greater height if not maximized

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Try the Configure… icon on the toolbar. Each Gramplet has a height value that you can set. (It can also be changed outside the program by editing the registration file for that Gramplet. (There is a consolidated registration file for the built-in Gramplets.)

Thanks @DaveSch and @emyoulation! (I tried clicking on the “Solution” button for both of your replies, but it only lets me choose one.)

Dave was in first an his has the icon that people will recognize. So your selection is great. (I don’t care about getting ‘credit’ in the software. Happy enough with working on balancing my karma.)

Just remember that if you close a gramplet and then reactivate it in the future, Gramps will not remember the previous setting.

Given the above forewarning, I would suggest experimenting with the Configure feature.

Then commit the change to the file so that it is persistent.

And finally, submit the change via the MantisBT system so that the Master code inherits a pervasive & permanent correction.