How to make a gramplet refresh on an active source change?

When you browse the sources, the gramplets only react when you click the citations. As far as I can tell, the only way to see the details of a source is to edit it… It would be great if one could do as with the other navigation types.
The weird thing is all these gramplets (source gallery, source notes, source attributes, source references/backlinks, source to do) exist in gramps but it seems they’re useless since you can’t use them…

It appears you are using the Citation Tree view. There are two views under the Sources navigation category.

  • Sources
  • Citation Tree

Sources is the main Source database and any view gramplets are of the Source record.

Citation Tree is actually a view based upon the Citation any view gramplets reference citations. In this view editing the source opens the source record.

I’m in a lazy mood. Which Gramplets in particular?

Restating: The gramplets of Citation Tree view mode of the Sources view do not refresh when the active record focus is changed to a Source row in the tables. They only refresh when the active record focus is changed to a Citation row.

To me, this sounds like a bug that should be reported. Those gramplets should not still show the data for the most recently selected Citation when a Source is the active focus.

What SHOULD be shown when the Source rows are selected is an enhancement that needs to be discussed. (Should these Gramplets somehow indicate the Object type too? Should they shift the table layout to that new context for that object type? Should they just blank? Should it indicate somehow that a citation must be selected? How could it do this without inserting more ambiguity? Maybe this should be a Citation category view mode instead of a Source category view mode?)

Note: The refresh behavior is also present in the Grouped People view mode in the People category. The Gramplet data being shown is only refreshed when a Person object row is selected, not when a Surname grouping row is selected.

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Logically, if the Citation Tree view mode was moved to the Citations category, it would make sense to have a new Source Tree view mode in Sources category that groups Sources by Repository.

It would also be useful to have QuickViews (similar to the Biography QuickView) for Repository, Source and Citation. These could generate fully qualified footnotes.

Example of a Citation including a Repository from the University of Reading:
Allen, R. J., Horowitz, L. W., Naik, V., Oshima, N., O’Connor, F., Turnock, S., Shim, S., Le Sager, P., Van Noije, T., Tsigaridis, K., Bauer, S. E., Sentman, L. T., John, J. G., Broderick, C., Deushi, M., Folberth, G., Fujimori, S. and Collins, B. (2021) ‘Significant climate benefits from near-term climate forcer mitigation in spite of aerosol reductions’. To be published in Environmental Research Letters [Preprint]. Available at: (Accessed: 24 June 2021)

I tried this but was unsatisfied with the results. The problem was that when wanting the Citation Tree, I was actually more interested in the view based upon the Source as my primary focus with its enclosed Citations as a by-product. It probably does not make sense because it was the resulting citation that I ultimately used; it was the Source that drew me to the view.

I like the idea of this type of view. But like the Citation Tree, I would be drawn to the view as Primarily a Repository view.

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