Could there be a new category view oriented around research?

Think of how the “Combined View” within the Relationships category. It is essentially a combination of things that were already visible in the existing Relationship View (with the use of gramplets for Details, Children, Events, etc.), yet the new view makes it possible to see more at once and open things with a single click rather than a double click. It’s also a more interesting layout rather than just lists. While the Combined View is centered around a person and their relationships, it makes me wonder if there could be a new category view centered around a research topic or goal, including relevant repositories, sources, citations, and notes.


I have experimented with the idea of a Source Management view in the past. The idea was to display repositories, sources and citations in the same view. Perhaps we could also use it as a convenient way to enter forms?

Do you have any screen shots you can share?

Do you mean, to design new forms, like you suggested in this discussion?

I’ve just been looking at my code. I didn’t get very far.

It had a list of repositories. Selecting one populated a list of sources. Selecting a source populated a list of citations.

Recently I have been using it to test an experimental CSL citation formatter. I’ll create a more useful prototype for discussion.

No. The idea was that when a source associated with a form was selected, the user could use a form to enter data.

This is what I have so far:

It displays a repository/source hierarchy on the left. When a source is selected a list of corresponding citations is shown on the right.

I added a formatted citation at the top, which I was using to experiment with different citation formatters.

One idea was to display a list of sources with associated form definitions. A “+” button could create a new form for data entry. Perhaps we could use this view to assign form definitions to sources. In this way we would have the start of a source-based data entry view.

Perhaps we could use this view to arrange sources into collections?

As you can see this is at a very early stage. Does it give anyone ideas?

Starts to develop a structural way of viewing this information
One crazy thought
Drop down list (expander style) for the sources to display citations in left hand window freeing up right hand window for something else
One question
How would you deal with the citation which has alternate sources (really Aggegators Ancestry, FMP)

My idea of a research tool would be something like this:

A Research Projects page where you add your Research Projects.

  • Any Gramps Object can be a Research object, both existing objects and new ones.
    New objects will not occur in the Family Tree until it is submitted and you can choose the sub objects of your research that you also want to be submitted to the tree.
  • Under the Research Project you have:
    • Research Plans (where you plan your research, e.g. what you want to do, places to look etc.)
    • Research Logs (what you have done, your free text notes, conclusions etc.)
    • Research Documents
      (where everything you find regarding your research object will be stored until you submit the project to the Family Tree and select what you want to be added to your live tree).

When you submit a project to your live tree, the Research project will still contain any and all documents, but any document submitted to the tree is marked with a tag and is now just a link to that object. any other documents you included will stay in the research project, including those that is dismissed as with no information.

There is a status that can be set for both the project and the different sub items in the project, e.g. “Not Researched, Researched, Approved, Not Approved, Submitted, Withdrawn etc.”.

You will of course have all the normal feature for a Gramps object, like attributes and linking etc. and you can link to existing object in Gramps when needed (those should be marked somehow in the Research Project and not be possible to delete from the project page, only unlinked from the project).

All objects in the Research Project must be marked with a type BEFORE it can be submitted to the live database, but you use the existing feature of Gramps to add new object, they are just not stored directly into the live tree before you submit the project.

Only a Project can be submitted, not single items, if you want a single item, you need to create it in the live tree first and then link to it if you want to use it in a research project.

A Gramps Object can be added to multiple Research Projects at any time, and a research item in one project can be added to another research project as a linked item.


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