Are Gramplets resource hoarders

I’d like to understand a little more about how resources are allocated.

There are certain Gramplets that really help me grok how the Active Person fits into my tree, curate my tree or to navigate more efficiently: the Deep Connections, Pedigree, Biography quick view, session log, Descendants, Photo Tagging, Place Cleanup, ToDo, What’s Next? Gramplets all come to mind.

But some really degrade the responsiveness of the Gramps interface. (A good example is that switching Views become problematic on a larger tree when the Deep Connections is in the Relationships sidebar. The navigator, toolbar and/or contents stop refreshing correctly.) So I am wondering what Gramplet configurations can reasonably left in sidebars/Bottombar & the dashboard. (I am assuming that undocked Gramplets are continual drains on resources.)

I’ve found some pieces to tell Gramps what actions the Gramplet says will ‘dirty’ the contents. And another line to insert to break a Gramplet from an excessive internal fixation.

But I have questions:

  • Are docked Gramplets in the non-active Views refreshed?
  • Are docked Gramplets in hidden splitbars (sidebar/bottombar) of the active view refreshed?
  • Are docked Gramplets in non-active tabs of the visible splitbars of the active view refreshed?
  • Is the Dashboard actively refreshed even when it is not the active view? (It is older code than the splitbars and might have different refresh behavior.)

@SNoiraud has created a couple patches that are test balloons for different ways to Freeze Gramplet refresh. But since I don’t know what is happening in normally refresh, it is hard to determine how effective they are.

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Based on experience I can say that the Deep Connections Gramplet is only refreshed when it’s visible. I have that, and the Ancestors and Descendants Gramplets, in the sidebar of the Relations category, and I have the same, plus Filter and Relatives, in the People category, and switching categories, or persons, only takes (lots of) time when the Deep Connections Gramplet is in the foreground.

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