Gramplets available in combined view

Hi, I have not been using the combined view as I was happy enough with relationship view, but I thought I would give it a try. I need to ask, why are the ancestor and descendants gramplets not available in this view. Am I missing something. These are the two gramplets that I use for everything. Maybe I am missing a functionality of combined view, but from what I can see, it is of no use to me personally without being able to see ancestors and descendants at an immediate glance as you can in relationship view. can someone point me in the right direction?

edit to add…I just realized there is no citations available in this view either. how come?

Because you need to add them again like you did the first time from the Gramplet bar menu’s “v” at the end of each the “Bottom bar” and “Side bar”

By default the original “Relationship view” does not have the ancestor and descendants gramplets shown see the screenshot in the user manual

but they are not in the add gramplet list - they are not there to add

Ahh, yeah I just tried myself and the list of available gramplets is different between the two views?

yes, and I do not understand why. I mean I can just continue to use relationship view, I am quite comfortable with it,but still, why are they not available in combined view?

Gramplets have the option to not be available in Views. I would not be surprised if the Gramplets you mention limited the views that were allowed. This probably means they’ll have to be enabled piecemeal with add-on View modes.

That said, a workaround for any Relationships Gramplets that aren’t available in Combined mode: you can undock them from the standard mode of the Relationships View before switching to Combined mode.

Not pretty… but functional.

ok, do you think this might be addressed in a future update? For now I will just stick with relationship view

Which probably means you need to ask the developer of the combined view to enable them.

I’m not sure who that is, I get the emails but I can not keep up with who does what

The Plugin Manager Enhanced allows you to show Info on any add-on. This includes who created it.

But you can just file a general add-on Bug Report which identifies the View mode (Relationships view - Combined mode) and which Gramplets are missing.

(Also, the Wiki page show how the developer prefers to be contacted. But the Bug Report method is generally good.)

I’ll give it a shot! thanks!

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BTW, I just checked for add-on updates early this evening. There were 47!!!

I haven’t identified what changed. You might want to install the newest updates and see if they show up in Combined mode.

well, I am just not having any luck this morning. The bug tracker does not allow me to do anything and this is who made combined view…
Authors: The Gramps project

first world problems here! LOL

Until you sign up for an account (which is separate from a Wiki editing account), you can only look at the reports.

(It’s free.)

oh, ok, I was trying as anonymous but I will make an account…thanks!

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The Combined mode was created by @Nick-Hall, our project architect & benevolent dictator

ok, thanks, I cannot find combined in the bug tracker list so I will try to contact him directly. Thank you very much

oh and as for the updates, I have been adding all evening!. I can never get one of them to install…a database postgreSQL …I think because I don’t have a few prerequisites, but I can not get some of them to load in Ubuntu 20.04

The category you are after is “3rd Party Addons”

oh I see! ok. I am learning. thank you!!! :slightly_smiling_face: