Observations and suggestions - combined view

Thanks to Nick for his excellent effort with the Combined View (gramplet?). Having observed the list with respect to CV his constant attention and response is above exceptional. It is my go to starting point and continual reference view with Gramps. Again, thank you.

Relationships tab - (I suppose, as I rarely use the others)

Editing Individuals:
Would it be possible to relocate the editing icon to somewhere to the left of the birth/death dates? I restrict the Gramps application (on a Windows 10 Home laptop) to one half of my screen and have to repeatedly slide the (central/main) panel over to the left to access the right hand positioned Edit icon when Names and/or locations are particularly long.

Moving of Siblings/Children to changing the sort order:
I’d like to have included a Move Up action for subsequent children adjacent to their Edit action. If the Move Up action from the Family edit window is used then it is not necessary for it to be shown when there is only one Sibling/Child.

Space saving - may apply to more than the Relationship tab.

Space saving - Names
For each individual there are two lines available for birth and death information. Would it be possible to have the individuals name distributed over each of these two lines? The Family name in Bold, and the Given name, not necessarily in a bold font but indented and under the Family name. Either of the names but not necessarily both could be used for making the person Active.

Space saving - Marriage information:
This is missing for Parents.
I also believe that it could be located on the same line and to the right of the Parents and Family prefix.

Space saving - Add and Edit icons in Siblings and Children
These two icons could be placed beside and to the right of the Siblings and Children prefixes rather than on a separate line.

Inconsistent, well to me anyway, use of the Remove icon:
In the Parents family section the Remove icon operates on the Siblings.
In the Family family section the Remove icon operates on the non Active spouse.
I would like to see the Remove icons adjacent to the Edit icons for each Sibling, Child and person.

One last thing, is it possible to display all individual IDs?

Maybe we need to be able to option these aesthetics. If there is a need to separate these requests then go for it - small changes are easier to accept and implement.

I think that I have covered what I wanted to convey and hope that I have made it understandable.


I agree with most of the ideas from Terry S: in particular, his thanks
to Nick.

Some additional thoughts:

Space saving: the add child and select child should go on the same line
as “Siblings” and “Children”.

I think IDs add unhelpful clutter, you can easily find them using other
views: rather than adding individual IDs, remove family IDs.

Because of bug 11775, I have to remember to switch out of the Combined
View when with a family with only one parent in my database: it would be
nice to have this fixed.

David Lynch

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I disagree with that. I use them constantly.


I would make what I think is the opposite suggestion: lots of horizontal space is being wasted on my screen. I’d give each person one line, not two.

But if you wanted it to be more vertical, I’d suggest the following:

  • Decrease the indent under “Parents” and “Family” so that the individual family member lines start much closer to the left margin. Alternatively, make those headings vertical on the left, maybe using different colors or shading for each section, then you can save two lines vertically.
  • The “remove person” - button should go right next to the person. You shouldn’t need to select a person, then go up and click that button. (I think this is the same thing that @dlynch writes.)

The tooltips aren’t too helpful. For ex, “Add a child to a family”. Which family? The family the home person is a child of or the family the home person is parent of?

Regarding IDs, maybe they could be tooltips for each person.

PS The symbol for “male” is incorrect. It’s ♂ where the arrow points to upper-right, not straight up (Unicode: U+2642, UTF-8: E2 99 82O). I see that some unicode fonts have it straight up, so maybe that’s the issue. But they’re wrong, too. :slight_smile: Likewise the married symbol should be interlocking rings, not separate ones: ⚭ (Unicode: U+26AD, UTF-8: E2 9A AD). I’m using a font that does it correctly, so maybe these are not encoded as font glyphs, which might be preferable and would save a (tiny) amount of space.

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All good suggestions.

The first step will be to tidy up the code. The addon is still at an experimental stage.

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Version 2.0.1 of the combined view is now available.

I have extensively refactored and tidied up the code. Please test all the functionality and let me know if there are any problems.

You will notice a couple of extra toolbar actions.

  1. There is now a tag button that allows you to tag the active object. This is available on both the person and event sub-views. I reused code from the list view so the tooltip refers to tagging “selected rows” instead of the “active object”.

  2. In the event sub-view it is now possible to add a new or existing participant to an event. I used existing icons for these. Someone can probably design better icons.

I am happy to start discussing improvements now.


Many thanks.

Bug #12074 reported
… crash when adding child to familyeven when the family has both parents.

David Lynch

Could you think about whether it is possible to put a Config option to synchronize sidebar/bottombar between modes of a View?

Most (but not all) of the time, when I have a filter set in the People View’s Flat List mode, I want the same filter when I switch to the Grouped mode. And I’ll want access to the same subset of Gramplets.

(Note that there’s a bug where the Filter Gramplet doesn’t work in the Bottombar if the Sidebar isn’t displayed.)

Bug #12074 should now be fixed in v2.0.2.

I’ll have a look at #11775 and #11814. I assume that they are still a problem.

I’m using ‘\u2642’ for male, ‘\u2640’ for female and ‘\u2650’ for unknown gender.

This reminds me that the combined view should be changed to use the genealogical symbols functionality introduced with GEPS 39.


I’m not sure how this applies to the combined view.

Backup your Tree before installing the new Combinedmode. Prelim Bug just filed but haven’t re-produced because it requires re-importing a clean tree.

Use the Example.tree

I just had a failure and possible Tree corruption. Have flushed the Example tree and re-imported. Now attempt to re-produce.

To see the difference between modes, I flip back & forth between modes. It is very distracting that the split sizes shift on the flips (I finally turned off the splits for comparison.) But it is also confusing when to flip between modes (because there is a feature in one but not the other) and the content is different because the filters are different.

I’m hoping that you plan to keep the Combined View as an add-on instead replacing the Original. The original is easily to walk someone through on the phone. The Combined has too much going on and it is too easy to miss a step & lose their place.

@emyoulation Thanks. I have updated the link.

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As a general observation to some of the replies, I can see a need for more layout options in the configuration of the Combined View.
1 Display edit buttons: Left, Right or Off;
2 Show the People Id: On/Off toggle;
3 Show the Event Id: On/Off toggle;
4 Enhance the focus person within Siblings with a much bolder outline/border: On/Off toggle;
and radically
5 Relocate the 4 lines that display in-focus person at the top to
a) under the “Relationships/ Events/ Album/ Timeline/ Associations” tabs: On/Off toggle;; or
b) when in the “Relationships” Tab, even further down among the Siblings replacing the existing partial replication: On/Off toggle; (Enables a vertical order of parent, child, grand-child.)

Cheers, Terry

I have to agree with this. I do not care for the combined view at all and find it to distracting and difficult to use. I do not know if this is in the works or not but please do not make combined view the only option.

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