Graphview et Combined View

For some time I only use the graphical view of Gramps to enrich my family tree
We can do everything from this view with the assurance of visually controlling what we have entered and evaluating more easily the sometimes complex relationships with the people cited in the proceedings.
However, without changing the view, I would like to make sure that all the events of the active individual are indeed “sourced” out of the “combined relations” view, the “Events” tab allows at a glance sure.

My question :
Would it be possible to reach (directly in one click) this “Events” view of the “Combined” view from the “Graphic view”?

Or possibly via a Contextual menu, Keyboard shortcut, Express menu, …?


GRAMPS : 5.1.5
Python : 3.8.10 (default, Mar 15 2022, 12:22:08) …
BSDDB : 6.2.7 (5, 3, 28)
sqlite : 3.31.1 (2.6.0)
LANG : fr_FR.UTF-8
Système : Linux
Distribution : 5.13.0-44-generic Kubuntu 20.04

I am unaware of the feature in the Combined View will show whether an Event has sources or does not. Since I do not know which screen (or data) you want to see, I cannot suggest a shortcut.

We may have a Translation confusion. Since you are using the French translated version, perhaps you can post a screen capture? Even it the labels are in French, a user of another language will be able to recognize the view layout.

By the way, an alternative method:
You can create a Custom Filter that finds Events that Do not match having at least one direct source to find Events that need work.

You can also find Event that Do match that rule and Tag them. Tags are visible in many views. So you could spot Event missing that Tag and add sources.

Here are 3 screenshots that describe my procedure to determine if all the events of the active individual have a source
In this case there is indeed a death event but we see in the “Events” tab of the “Combined” view no indication or submenu to a link or image so you have to make an entry
All this is done by successively calling “Graphview” then “Combined”
My question: couldn’t we do this using a context menu of the “Graphview” just to save a few clicks?

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Would you like to switch from the graphview to the combined view ? I am not sure this is possible.
But It could be possible to edit or add directly an event from the graphview.

Instead of using the experimental Combined View, you may find the new experimental Card View better meets your needs.

It is still only a manual install. Download the zip file then extract the folder it contains and put it in your user Plugins folder.

It doesn’t work for me.

Are you are asking for an enhancement the Graph View addon? Such as a new Context menu option?

Or to the Gramps Core to add a “Citations” column to Edit Object dialogs. (Where each record might have superscript source indicators similar to when writing research. i.e., Death a , c, d )

Or a change to the Combined View addon so that changing the Active Person does not reset that view mode back to “Relationships” tab? (So that you could just change the active person in the Graph View. The next click of the Relationships navigator category would show the Combined View’s “Events” tab. Then you go back to the Graph View)

Or are you looking for a workaround that you can use today. You could also use undocked Gramplets in combination with the Graph View. Like the Events & Citations or QuickView (set to Person:Biography {Needs a French volunteer to add to its existing German, Croation, Netherlands, Portuguese & Russion translations}) Gramplets.

Dave is correct that the experimental CardView would expose Citation information in more detail. But it also reinitializes to it’s default layout.

May be because the directory inside the zip file doesn’t have the name needed to work well (it contains a “-master” suffix not needed)

It works as I describe in Windows. @cdhorn in the readme suggests a folder name CardView.

The addon adds an additional view under the standard Gramps views. So you can go from the Graph View to the Person view. An event there will display that a citation exists (if the event has a citation.). Clicking the event takes the user to the CardView’s Event view.

A few days ago, the first CardView beta download was confusing because: its view modes in various categories would be blank if no Object was “active” yet in that Category. This made it appear to be non-functional.

More recent (29May2022) downloads address this by: making each view mode default to the 1st object if none is active yet & adding a default navigation gramplet listing the 10 Last Changed records in that Category.

Yes indeed I would see the addition of a contextual menu for example “Events” which would point to the “Events” tab of the “Combined View” of the “Relation” category
The advantage of this view is that it is synthetic with the possibility of quickly reaching the link or the media that illustrates the quote
If it’s not possible…no big deal
I temporarily installed “Cardview” it works but as for exploiting it … big change of habit

You are right. It is a HUGE change of habit. Exciting and scary!

Just explored the possibilities. It helped to configure the Person CardView to be more “selfish”. (The “selfish” Person CardView in my People Category no longer lists the immediate relatives, nor their Events. There is a less “unselfish” default of the Person CardView that shows all these omitted things under the Relationships CardView.)

Now I can just use the Graph View to navigate to the Person and click the Person Navigator icon to see this:

Then I click the Charts navigation to go back to the Graph View. Find the next relative and do it again.

The missing citation pop-up list is from right-clicking the red Citation Alert icon.

I have a crude hack at the “Selfish” template that I would be happy to share. (It is nothing special. Don’t expect more than just excess features turned off in that particular view mode. I haven’t begun to compile docs for Chris’ configuration tools. Frankly, the scope of possible Preferences settings interactions terrifies me.)

Unfortunately, this Discourse forum does not allow attaching .ini or .zip files. Contact me via the Private Messaging system (click my avatar at the top left of the post & click the “Message” button) including your eMail address and I will send it to you.

Working on this exposed some idiosyncrasies in CardView’s Import Template. So expect there will be some sudden evolution in that feature.

Hmmm. Both of the tools are 3rd-party add-ons. The possibility of having feature in one add-on that targets another 3rd-party add-on & passes parameters to it is… remote.

BUT, the chance that Nick ( @Nick-Hall
) might tweak his Combined view to persist in the Events tab during an Active Person change is much better.

Since the Graph View only concerns itself the Birth/Death/Marriage Events, it does not seem a good anchor for an Edit Events hotspot. The hotspot for other events in the Person would be hidden. But the Edit context menu pops up an Edit Person window that gives you access to all the Events for that person.

Impossible to do. But we can add a contextual menu like the following:

If you click on the “Prisonnier” submenu, you edit the event.


On my Linux, I get the following:
9882: ERROR: line 173: Unhandled exception
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/gramps/gramps-5.1.5/gramps/gui/”, line 795, in do_activate
Gramps(self.argparser, self)
File “/home/gramps/gramps-5.1.5/gramps/gui/”, line 648, in init
File “/home/gramps/gramps-5.1.5/gramps/gui/”, line 551, in post_init_interface
self.__open_activate(None, None)
File “/home/gramps/gramps-5.1.5/gramps/gui/”, line 968, in __open_activate
File “/home/gramps/gramps-5.1.5/gramps/gui/”, line 180, in read_file
db = make_database(dbid)
File “/home/gramps/gramps-5.1.5/gramps/gen/db/”, line 60, in make_database
pdata = pmgr.get_plugin(plugin_id)
File “/home/gramps/gramps-5.1.5/gramps/gen/plug/”, line 400, in get_plugin
return self.__pgr.get_plugin(id)
File “/home/gramps/gramps-5.1.5/gramps/gen/plug/”, line 1275, in get_plugin
assert(len(self.__id_to_pdata) == len(self.__plugindata))

This is with CardView-master or CardView

Oh… That’s a nice context menu addition. And the way it inserts the “Witness” Role (in parentheses for the Birth Event where he is non-Primary) is also very clean.

The only piece left outstanding on his original request is : some sort of indication of Events that are unsourced.

Is that the 0.97 (or newer version) of CardView?

Chris has been very aggressive about tracking down issues posted to his GitHub repository.

No: the version is version 0.95

Also, Ivan Vantu was very gracious in 2020 when he grabbed the opportunity to improve the Graph View with classy Avatars as an alternative to the cartoons.

He’d probably like adding @SNoiraud 's suggestion for another Context menu section for Events too!