Gramplets available in combined view

Unless you have some notion that postgreSQL is a better database engine than the default backend of SQLite, there’s no reason to install that add-on.

Although the update manager has an annoying fascination with any add-on you haven’t installed. (I am SO tired of it asking to install the Cairo Clock! It’s starting to feel like its someone from Apple or Adobe, incessantly pushing QuickTime or Acrobat updates.)

oh, ok. I really don’t know much about any of it. I can figure out how to use programs but the intricacies are above my skill level. I really appreciate you helping me! I can now quit worrying about that add-on. I just thought it was something I needed to have.

Glad we could give you some usable suggestions.

If you’re so inclined, you could help us help the next person. The longer we use Gramps, the less we notice where using it is convoluted. It starts to feel natural.

So we need reminders from new users where it is unnatural. In a lots of case, smoothing out those rough edges can improve the experience for everyone.

An example: it used to be hard to get rid of Custom Types that were made by mistake. If you typed in a gender of ‘mAle’ while trying to type '‘Male’ , then you were stuck with a 3rd Gender menu item. There were constant questions on the Maillist about how to eliminate accidentally created menu items. (You had to find & fix all occurrences of the typo, export the Tree & re-import to a fresh Tree.) We were all thrilled when Paul released an add-on tool to manage custom types. The process is so much more simple that we can’t think: “yeah, but if the custom type creation routine just ignored capitalization when looking to see if a matching menu item existed, then ‘mAle’ would never have caused a mess in the first place.”

Maybe you could reflect on your ‘new user experience’ while it’s still fresh? Then write your story at:

I am not an expert in combined view, but I have found one line of code that will allow the Gramplets to be loaded just like Relationships view.

At gramps/gramps51/plugins/CombinedView/ line 170 there is currently:

def navigation_type(self):
    return None

If you change it to:

def navigation_type(self):
    return 'Person'

the people related Gramplets become available. I think the navigation synchronization for People View and Combined view works better as well. But there may be other unintended side effects I did not spot in my limited testing.


I was about to submit this issue to the tracker a few days ago but when I read the documentation, it stated:

This view is intentionally ‘read only’ with no editing controls.

So I assumed this is why I cannot load the Forms gramplet from the Combined view but can from the Relationship view.

This new view mode is changing as field testers give Nick feedback.

Initially, there was no access to Object Editors from the combined view. It seems to have evolved past that limit now.

It still might not have awareness of when the displayed Relationships view data has changed & so it won’t trigger a refresh. That means Paul’s patch may allow the Data Entry Gramplet to be used… but Combined view mode may not update unless you change the focus person.

Growing pains!

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good to know all of this. I think I will just keep using relationship view for now and wait for some of the “growing pains” to be worked out!

and by the way, I dearly LOVE Gramps! I first started using about 2 years ago when I switched to Linux from Windows. it was a steep learning curve from Legacy but I would not go back to Legacy even if it becomes available for Linux! A big thank you to everyone that works on it!


This workaround should work but some gramplets may not behave as expected.

The code is still experimental and uses a mixed navigation history with a customized NavigationView class.

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