How get a gramplet for siblings or even for all closest family members?

Gramp 5.2.2
Mint LMDE 6
Similar to MyHeritage, I would like to have a Gramplet list where I can read the parents, children and siblings of the selected person.
At the moment I can only find the Gramplets “Children” and “Relatives”, where children are already contained in “Relatives”.
I would like to find siblings also in that Gramplet “Relatives”. There are instructions for creating a Gramplet using the example of “siblings”, which I have followed. Unfortunately, however, I was not able to find at least this new gramplet in the list. There are probably missing components (folders “locale” and “pycache”).
Maybe I can manage to use the instruction-sample to edit “Relatives” Gramplet. Some help would be appreciated!
This is a feature request, but perhaps I have overlooked something that already exists?

Why don’t you use the Relationships View? For the Active person, it displays…

Parents with birth and death
Siblings with birth and death
Spouses with birth, death and marriage
Children with birth and death

Each person and family in the display can be edited from within the view as well as adding new family members.

If you want more people included, there is the addon Graph View.

It allows you to add generations of ancestors and descendants. There is also the All Connected button that expands each generation out sideways. And again, it displays the basic information for each person and marriage and people can be edited from the within the view.

What would a popup gramplet give you that these views do not already display?

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Thank you very much for your answer. It solves my issue. I have to admit that I rarely used that view so far. That’s why I missed its features.

I use the Relationships view almost exclusively while editing a person and their families. Everyone shows and available to edit in the view.

The one function that can only be done in this view, sorting the active person’s families. menu >> Edit >> Reorder; or the Reorder icon. Stock_reorder

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That is good to know. I had already seen that the order had to be corrected somewhere.