Displaying all siblings in tree view (Charts)

Version: GrampsAIO64-5.1.3-2
OS: Windows 10 Pro

Hello, I’m new to Gramps and have started adding some my great grandparents and their children. My question is, in the chart view is there a way of making all the siblings appear in the chart view? I can only seem to make it show one at a time. I suppose I’m trying to get a full family view.

Many thanks


There’s things similar to that in the Reports rather than an interactive Charts view.

In particular, look at the Hourglass Graph

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I do most of my entry and edits in the Relationships view. It shows all parents, siblings, spouses, and children of the active person.

If you want a graphical view, try the Graph View. This is a 3rd party addon. It does not come prepackaged with the Gramps install. Go to Preferences (menu Edit >> Preferences) Third party addons management on the General tab to install it (and other Addons).