Displaying all siblings in family tree - no Graph View

I need to display all the siblings in a chart. The Pedigree Chart gives the view I want, but without the siblings. From previous posts, it seems that the Graph View ought to provide this, but Graph View is not on the list of Registered Plugins. Has it been dropped or is my system missing something?

Gramps 5.1.4 on Linux (OpenSUSE Tumbleweed)


The Graph View is alive and well and available as an addon.

If you do not have it installed you can go to the Third party addons management (Preferences, General tab)

When using the addon management, one setting you should pay attention to is the Do not ask about previously notified addons check box. If you have checked for addons but did not install an addon, the tool will not show the addon again with this option checked.

Thank you for responding so quickly. I had unchecked Do not ask about previously notified addons but failed to check again for new/updated ones.

After that, Graph View was available, but had missing python modules or programs. I looked at installing these manually and the Graph View page describes installing typelib-1_0-GooCanvas-2_0 for OpenSUSE. I did this and the Graph View plugin then installed.

When I selected All connected it gave me the view I wanted.

Many thanks for your help and apologies for not reading the manual pages fully in the first place.

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