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i have entered a family name of Pay, with father, mother, and 3 siblings however when i use the tree it only shows the parents and one child what am i doing wrong i was under the immpression that it would show parents and all children on screen…


Each view shows different things based upon the Active Person.

The Relationships view shows the Parents, Siblings, Marriages and Children of the active person.

The Charts - Pedigree shows the active person, their Parents, Grandparents…

There is a 3rdParty Addon chart - Graph View that can show the ancestors and descendants of the active person, it will also display their siblings.

Every view will have a Configuration icon. In the Relationships view, there is an option to show or not show siblings.

If this does not help, to help us help you, please tell us exactly which view you are using. The Name will be listed with the view navigation icons down the left side.

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Here’s a Relationship view with one of the sons as the Active Person (aka: selected person)

But a pedigree chart only shows direct ancestors and descendants:

Meanwhile the Graph View addon (which adds a new view mode for the Charts View) may have more of what you wanted. (Based on an import of the Example.gramps file.):

Or here is a 2-way fan chart focused on a parent. (Notice that this parent’s siblings are not on that chart either) The family is a dummy family based on an import of the PseudonymTree.gramps file:

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Thanks for the help, now sorted

Thanks for the help, now sorted and much better

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