How to get a complete geneaology chart that shows all children, siblings and parents etc on the one

Using ver AIO64-5.1.5-1 on Windows. Am new to the system, can’t seem to find a view that charts the whole genealogy at once on the Pedigree style of chart, i.e. showing all children and their decedents and ancestors on the one chart at the same time.

Have you tried Reports>Graphs>Family Lines Graph?

But if your tree is populated with many people (say more than 100), you should draw selective charts (telling Gramps which people are the “seeds” of the graph) lest it becomes unusable due to intersecting connectors.


There is the Graph View. It is an addon view that is added to the Charts navigation area.

You can keep it limited to people related to the active person by generation up and down. Additionally, there is an All Connected button to expand the generations out laterally. There is a limit on how many people will be added to the chart when the All Connected is chosen.

This view has a Print option. Printer icon on the toolbar. This is a view that you will also want to set additional options. On the toolbar there is a Configure icon Gramps-config FYI: all views have this option.

Another option is the Reports > Graphs > Relationship Graph

In the report dialog window, you can select descendants of the active person. Or you can create a person filter to select the people that you want on the chart, then run the relationship graph on that filter.
Select a large paper size (like A1 or A0) to include up to a few hundred people on one big chart.

Thanks, Graph View is doing what I need. I was a bit surprised that that Graph View was not part of the standard options and had to be imported.

Thanks for the suggestion. Found the printout of my relationship graph hard to read, lots of whitespace separating levels .

Thanks, I didn’t really see any difference between Reports>Graphs>Family Lines Graph and Reports>Graphs>Family Lines Graph and Reports>Graphs>Relationship Graph, but may have been the way I was configuring. I’m just getting my bearings on the visualization elements of the software.

This view is still fairly new so has not been added to the core Gramps code.

There are advantages to being an addon. Bug fixes and enhancements can be made available to users as they occur. If it were made a part of the core code, fixes and enhancements would not be made available until the next Gramps release.

You might want to have a look at my print solution mentioned here.

I appear to be getting something similar to your suggestion from using the Graph View, but I am not very advanced in using this and don’t have pictures or other data filled in like dates, just ancestor connections, 138 individuals.

Also, your suggestion invites me import python code? I do have some low level python programming skill but don’t have any knowledge of how to just change code in the system or try the code you supplied in your hack.

If you are satisfied with what Graph View outputs I won’t push you onto my solution. I simply wanted to reference my post so you can browse through what other people suggested there. In the end I was pretty happy with the output which ended up as a 2 meters printed wallpaper.

Regarding the Python hack: It was a way to programmatically add all person IDs into the selection which I was too lazy to do manually due to the fact I had to do it repetitively until I rendered my final print PDF.

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