Graphs export with "all" the family


I am using Gramps 5.1.5 on Macos but I am facing some problems when I want to add my stepsisters.
I created a separated family on my mothers’ side with her first husband and also added them on my family with a stepchild relationship to my father.

However, when I use the chart option centered around me, they do not show up when I export them.
Maybe it is indeed programmed the right way but I am expecting something different.

I would like to export a graph with the entire family showing at once, with cousins, stepfamily, the parents of my sister’s husband etc…

Is there a workaround for this, or does Gramps only support displaying one family at once ?



It would help to know which Chart you are using. A chart view or report?

The charts are built off of a central person so the person shown. So with you as the center person it would show your ancestors and descendants. But not siblings. Making your mother the center person would show a different focus of families.

The Relationship Graph (menu >> Reports >> Graphs) allows the user to run it on a filtered subset of your database.

A View you may be interested in would be the addon Graph View. It works off of the active person and will generate generations both up and down. It has a button to show All Connected which brings all siblings and in-laws. You can click to a new person and the chart will re-draw accordingly. It also allows printing the view out to an SVG file.

That’s exactly what I was looking for, the graph view. Thanks a lot !


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