Collapsed Siblings Gramplet?

I often want to find if a niece or nephew with a particular given name (or married surname) is already in the Tree when entering data from a census, biography or obituary.

Checking for them in pre-birth control generations (where 10 or more offspring weren’t unusual) can be tedious… even moreso in blended families.

It would be nice to have a gramplet (similar to the Children Gramplet or maybe like the Relatives Gramplet but with Dollarhide numbering system) for Siblings.

It would be even better if it (eventually) had a few additional capabilities:

  1. be initially collapsed to Sibs (full, half & step) but expand to show their spouse(s) & offspring (like the Descendants Gramplet but collapsed by default & showing the spouse)
  2. have another similar in-law section(s) with sibs of each spouse
  3. have a name search that expands all collapsed sections with a match. (Find all ‘Anna’ nieces or those who have a ‘Smith’ married surname.)
  4. be hotlinked (allowing Active Person navigation on click, Person Editor on right-click & drag to clipboard/Relationship)
  5. optionally show the dates (like the Pedigree Gramplet)
  6. be able to clipboard the output to paste into an eMail (like the Pedigree Gramplet)

This Gramplet would be would be very helpful when perusing large families. If there are a dozen sibs, the Active Person’s offspring list is always scrolled off the bottom of the Relationships View screen. (A dozen children aren’t visible without scrolling unless you use the Children Gramplet anyway.)

If I could collapse the Sibling section and show that data in the sidebar instead, that visualization problem goes away.

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